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posted by FloraorStella
I know I haven't updated this in a while, but finally I decided to continue. Sorry to keep toi all waiting. Thanks to my beloved fans who wanted me to continue :)


The four Winx flew to Alfea to get help. Bloom was in danger of the Trix and sooner ou later she would be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Bloom and the Trix were in the bibliothèque staring muderously at each other.

"You do know you'll never get away with this, don't you?" Bloom asked frowning deeply.

Icy smirked. "Why do toi think that?"

Bloom hung her head and the three witches roared in laughter.

Bloom looked up sharply. "I think that because I have friends. Friends that toi don't have."

Darcy pointed at Icy and Stormy. "Who are these then? Enemies? I don't think so!"

Again, the Trix held their stomachs and laughed.

A tear drop slipped Bloom's eyes and fell unnoticed to the floor.


"Miss Faragonda!" Flora screamed.

Miss Faragonda looked at the four girls who ran towards her. "Girls? What is it? And where's Bloom?

"In nuage Tower!" Flora cried.

"Cloud Tower?" Miss Faragonda asked. "But how?..."

"We went there..." Musa a dit looking guilty.

Faragonda shook her head. "Kids these days. They just don't listen."

"Miss F, it's certainly important because Bloom was captured. We got away safely though," Tecna a dit urgently.

Faragonda held her head in her hands for a few seconds. "I'll go with you, girls. And I'll get Saladin and Griselda to help us."

The girls grinned.


Bloom tried to get out using her magical powers. Her hands were stiff, but she felt the warm feu trying to get out of the cold ice. Bloom wriggled a bit, and suddenly her power faded. Bloom stopped short; then the feu flowed once more.

Stormy was watching though. She whisphered something to Icy that made Icy shoot another blast of snow at Bloom. The seconde covering made the ice stronger and made Bloom weaker to get out. The Trix smiled as they watched their prisoner struggle. Suddenly, Darcy sat up.

"The presence! The Dragon presence is here!" She a dit and looked around. "The pixie!"

Icy and Stormy shook their heads. "It's not possible!"

Then, a noise above them said, "Touch the girl, and you're cake."


Thanks for lire guys! Leave a comment. If toi want, toi can tell me what I should add in the suivant chapter. I really don't know how to continue this lol. Thanks once more!
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posted by Alifya
What does your sleeping position tell about your personality? It is a dit that our sleeping position reflects our inner traits. Chose your preferred sleeping position ans take a look at your profile!

People who sleep in the fetal position (the body at rest in which the spine is curved, the head is bowed forward, and the arms and legs are drawn in toward the chest):
-Long for security, intimacy and joy.
-Take relationships slowly.
-Tend to look at the world in rosy colors, and treat people kindly.
-Are sensitive, though they may present a tough exterior to the world.
-May appear shy at times ou when...
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posted by Alifya
Hi girls!
This is a little present for you, a arc en ciel spell! This spell asks for everything in general to be good to you, all the time!!

You'll need:

7 ribbons (one in each colour of the rainbow) (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet),
7 fleurs (one in each colour of the rainbow),
One cup of Aloe vera Gel,
Five drops of lavander oil,
Two tablespoons of Rose Water

Take the 7 fleurs and tie each one at its base with a matching coloured ribbon.
Recite this spell:
Rainbow chase this mess away.
Keep it far from me today.
By the power with in me let happiness be.
I am happy, I am free,
No more...
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