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posted by nmdis
Here it is....


◘Power Jazz
◘Plasma World
◘Plasma Burst
◘Iridescent Flame
◘Aquarian Currents
◘Plasma World
◘Rising Tide

◘Super-Powered Morphix
◘Plasma Magic Bolt
◘Enchantix Morphix
◘Morphix Attack
◘Morphix Surfboard
◘Morphix Shield
◘Enchantix Bolt
◘Enchantix Plasma
◘Pure Il était une fois Morphix
◘Enchanted Morphix
◘Morphix Surface
◘Plasma Magic Ball

◘Morphix Tidal Wave
◘Andros Hurricane
◘Morphix Wave
◘Plasma Wall
◘Plasma Barrier
◘Spirit of Courage
◘Glacier Gush
◘Morphix Blaste.
◘Plasma Board
◘Underwater Breath
◘Morphix Staff
◘Morphix Net

◘Vital Beat

◘Hail Rain

◘Power Whirl
◘13th Seal
◘Mystic Wrap
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Apparently the episodes Nick had released were back to back, making for some form of a one heure special. The upside to this is that I won't have to wait to tear this episode apart, limb from limb. The downside...? Well, it's having to watch two of these in a row. But apparently everyone else get their Bloomix transformation in this one, so let's see how this goes.

Of course we start off at Limphea...again. Okay, I know that a few seasons have had episodes go off of each other (Like when Tecna fell into the Omega Portal) but I don't think they have spent over three episodes in the same location,...
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(room arangements)
"stella and brandon
bloom and sky
musa and riven
tecna and timmy
aisha and nabu
and me and helia
so what do toi guyes think " a dit flora
"perfect we will have the best night ever" a dit stella
" well let us all go unpack"
---------------------------------------------------------------------after half an heure of unpacing the winx and specalst got into there pj and sat down to gosip
"so let descuse who we have a crush on" a dit stella nosely
all the winx and specilst looked at each other
"how about flora first" stella a dit cheekaly
flora blushed
"ok but i hope this dosent ruined...
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So lots of people are complaining about Bloom being always the main character, taking the spotlight always away, I was plus than happy to see that the season 4 wasn't all about her again.

But now, now that is coming season 5 this are my opinions that I would really like to see in this new season.

First of all, I hope Bloom isn't the main character again U_U Come on, it has being all about her, she found out that she was adopted, shes always in problems, every bad guy wants her powers, she found out she was a princess, she has a boyfriend who now is the King of Uraklion (Am I right?), her and...
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it was freshman an at alfeya collage and a young, taned girl was walking to her locker where she got destracted par here best friend aisha
"hey flora"
"hey aisha hows things going"
aisha lookes away to reveal krystal and her gang comeing
"hey flora watch out krystal and her demonds are comeing"
soudenly krystal apeares behined them and startled them
"hey look who here the nature loving freak, she is just who i wanted to see, ive heard that toi was hanging out with my boyfriend so what do toi have to say about that then" krystal a dit with her fist in anger
flora looked scared then krystal orded her Friends to go bet up flora up but before they could a young, darkhead boy apered behind them.

sorry for short chapter new at this suivant one longer but thanx for reading
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