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posted by FloraBoricua
 who doesn't l’amour Flora?
who doesn't love Flora?
Previous Chapter: Flora and Layla arrived at Alfea for help of Faragonda. Faragonda showed Flora a secret room where she hid a magic ball that was from the Trix. The magic ball showed her where the loup hid her sister and father. The girls, and surprisingly the Specialists were going too to help Flora. Before entering the spaceship, Flora ignored Helia. So, what will await now for the girls and guys?


So after everybody entered the spaceship, the girls sat down on the usual place and the boys sat too in their...
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This chapter goes to Flora_Luna who's always lire my articles and being a fan of my story. Hope toi like it, and all of toi too ;)

-Everyone was surprised to see who was walking out of the shadows-
Bloom: Flora!! It's you
-She run to where Flora was, apparently it was to hug her. But all of a sudden, before Bloom could get any closer to Flora, Flora took a step back letting her know she didn't approve that. Flora looked confident but in a evil way-
Bloom: What's the matter Flora?
-she took a worried glance at her and at her not -Floras-fashion-clothes-
Bloom: Why are toi dressed like this?
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posted by zanhar1
Prompt from a tumblr anon: the Winx and Trix do theater work together when Icy asks who took a bite out of the wax hommage apple.

“I hate mandatory theater work.” Darcy grumbled. “So much heavy lifting and hommage searching…I should have just auditioned. Playing talking rock, number five would have been easier.”

“I hear you.” Stella sighed. “This lifting is like toootally bad for my nails. I’ve already chipped one of the precious babies!”

“You guys should have thought about that before going to a theater college.” Musa shrugged.

“Hey! I’m here for their modeling program.”...
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posted by zanhar1
Over on a vote and on tumblr I got into a discussion about whether ou not Winx needs to be plus mature and what not. This inspired me to type a little something about it. Some of this will be from a dit discussion.

One of the main things that gets bought up a lot in the discussion of Winx and maturity is what other children's shows are doing. And how other shows kids' shows often have a plus adult message beneath the initally kiddy stuff. While I don’t necessarily think that Winx needs to be like other kids’ shows but I don’t think it would hurt for the auteur to seek inspirations from...
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 Musa - Fairy of musique
Musa - Fairy of Music
So, The Countdown concludes now and Results are here. Ranking is pretty much different from my ranking. "2 out of 11" Ranks are Same what I voted For. So Here is what toi guys voted for....

 Lets Start!
Lets Start!

11. Sophix


This is my 10th Favourite Transformation. I just l’amour this transformation just like all others. Her Colours are just awesome. Though its quite bore design in my opinion. otherwise the transformation is great. It clearly shows that its a Nature based transformation.

Poll : link

10. Sirenix


This is my 9th Favourite Transformation. Though Sirenix is my most...
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------Outside p.o.v
They all sat around in the newlywed’s home. The newlyweds were Flora and Helia, everyone else had already been married for at least a year. It seemed like nothing could break the happiness of all eight couples but in a few minutes it would all break out into tears. As everyone sat around watching a movie it quickly switched to the news and all exchanged glances of concern because it must be something extremely important for the news to just randomly switch on. As soon as the news was finished there was not a single dry eye in the house. Riven squeezed Musa’s hand both...
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So my article is written in direct response to this girl's article hence the use of 'you' and 'your'. I found this article to be very offensive so I analyzed it word for word and responded.

And the liste goes on. The girls of the Winx Club have tiny little spindly arms and legs – which is what beautiful looks like – and wear skirts and dresses so ridiculously short that, if they were to bend over, toi would see their entire vagina, even if they were wearing underwear. I have interpreted this as an example of them displaying their sexual prowess. Because all boys l’amour legs, they have to show...
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sorry not posed in a while been busey with school and my brother ill in hospital so that dosent help but here it is chapter 15
in case toi forgot

all of the sudden a hollogram of krystal pop up
"hahahah i guess u are all here and wondering what going on well u see we have captured helia and are going to kill him"
"nooooo!" a dit flora
"oh shut up fleur fairy anyway u have 4 days for flora to surrender ou helia will die and your probly wondering who helped me well have u met my new friends"said krystal as her Friends appered
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posted by fifirose

LAYLA: that two timing jerk
STELLA: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MUSA: flora what do toi want to do
(floras looking at the ground)
FLORA: lets go back to alfea
LAYLA: toi want to just leave without screaming at him
FLORA: the only thing worse than this is letting them see me like this lets just go before i totally break
SKY: salut do toi hear something
BLOOM: shh
BRANDON:its coming from outside
FLORA: please i just cant let him see me like this
MUSA: fine than lets bolt
STELLA:oh flora


HELIA: guys i'm sorry but...
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Layla walked inside and quickly slammed the door behind her.

"It's gotten worse." Darcy said.

"What has?" Icy asked.

"The vessel." Darcy answered.

"I thought toi a dit it wasn't as dark." Icy glanced up.

"I was wrong." Darcy practically whispered.

"How wrong?" Icy questioned.

"I can't get it out of her. I, I'm usually always able to get them to leave. But this one. This one latched on tight." Darcy led the other witch up the stairs.

Musa lie face up on the bed, her body covered in lashes, cuts, bruises, and punctures.

"She did most of it herself." Darcy pointed out. "I tried getting a real exorcist....
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posted by yasmin124
Flora. bye winx i hate toi
Icy . i heard toi say toi hate the winx so do we
Flora, cool can i rejoindre you
Icy . of course toi can
Flora . thanks Icy your the best
Icy . no we are the best par the way meet Charlotte
Flora . ok
Charlotte . toi must be Flora hi im Charlotte
Flora . yes im Flora nice to meet toi im joining your gang

Charlotte . cool
Flora . very cool
Charlotte we can take over the world mu ha ha
Flora . i agrre
Icy . me 2
Darcy . me 3
Stormy . me 4
Valtor . enough with the jokes
Flora . yes sir

Flora. come on guys let hurt the winx and take over Linfia
Icy . yeah
Bloom . weres Flora
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posted by yasmin124
Flora . thanks
Ella it's ok
Charlotte .. that girl what's her name
Charlotte . who are toi
Icy. im Icy
Charlotte. hi Icy do toi know who this girl is
Icy . yes her name is Flora from 6 fées named winx

Charlotte . i got a idea we should embarrass Flora

Icy . that's a great idea meet my sisters Darcy and Stormy

Stormy . hi im Stormy
Darcy. and im Darcy

Charlotte . im planning on to embarrass Flora

Trix . good idea
Flora . wait let me call Helia

Helia. hi Flora
Flora . would toi like to be in my interview
Helia. yes thanks Flora
Flora . im ready Ella
Ella. ok
Flora .. this is Helia i l’amour him so...
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Helia's p.o.v
Flora texted us half an heure il y a she was leaving the palace and was going to use the freeway. So she should have been accueil twenty minutes ago. I was worried and I could tell something was up so I called Krystal to ask if she had heard from Flora since she left. Krystal replied no and she was worried to because Flora promised to text when she got accueil which she a dit should have been twenty minutes il y a and fifteen if there was traffic. I told her I would call if I heard anything from Flora. She a dit thanks and then hung up the phone. I looked at our Friends and family and told then...
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The living room was filled with the sound of quiet sobs from the Winx while their husbands tried to tell them that everything will be alright, but they all knew that was so far away from the truth. Who knew Linphea would be the first to declare war on Solaria and Domino. Would Flora, Stella and Bloom be able to stay Friends after this since their families would tear them apart and so would this war. After five minutes of the first announcement Andros and Melody joined alliances with Linphea while Zenith joined alliances with Solaria and Domino. Yet when the news broke out the group did not...
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posted by florasedge31
*READ précédant PARTS FIRST*

Flora had become a swan. The trix were laughing while they looked at Flora in cygne form looking at her wings. Flora gasped in the process. Stormy walked over still giggling.
"Now that's pathetic." She a dit while plucking one of Flora's feathers, causing Flora to scream.

~The winx were near the cave and heard the scream.~

"What was that?" Stella asked.
"That sounded like Flora." Helia said.
"I think she's in that cave right there." Timmy said.
"C'mon then, let's go!" Aisha a dit starting to run in the cave. "Wait Aisha we need a strategy in case the trix are waiting for us."...
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 The Winx logo found during the Season 1 theme video.
The Winx logo found during the Season 1 theme video.
AN: Yes, I'm back! XD
Well, as I promised, here are the lyrics to the Rai English version theme song of Winx Club! :)


Season 1:


If toi can desire,
You can become one of our bunch!


Winx, if your hand is warm in mine,
It will give us greater power,
With a feeling we'll be sure fire-winners!
Winx, with a smile toi can enchant,
And toi lighten up our world,
With a feeling we can take flight watch us!

If toi desire toi can become,
One of our bunch!

Verse 2

With a magic rayon, ray the sky is all blazing,
An adventure is certain to start in those stars,
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posted by Rainflowers
I've heard a lot of ages of how old the Winx are and here's my opinion . . .

Season 1


Bloom - I think she's like 15 in season one because she's a freshman.

Stella - I know the Stellais older than the other girls because she failled her first an at Alfea so I would say she's 16

Tecna - I'm pretty sure that she's 15 like Bloom.

Musa - I think Musa's about 15.

Flora - Flora's is about 15 too because she's a freshman at Alfea.



Sky - Is about 16 because he was there last an *As a dit par Stella*

Brandon - Is also 16 because...
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 The Young Dark Bloom
The Young Dark Bloom
"Bloom, Bloom, Bloom!", a dit Lockette as she shivered nervously. "Wa Ha Ha Ha Ha!", chuckled Bloom as she transformed into Dark Bloom. Then Lockette tries to find the others.
"Yes, power will be mine", a dit Dark Bloom in a evil chuckle. The others came into Bloom's Dorm as Lockette told them what has happen. "Welcome, friends.", a dit Dark Bloom as a evil grin appeared on her face. "Bloom, are toi ok?", as Flora who was getting worried of Bloom's fairy transformation.
Then Dark Bloom blasted one of a nuage sphere and broke the windows and flow away. "Come On, Girls. Bloom is Dark Bloom. CHARMIX!",...
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posted by Avater13
 This is an example of Bloom and Sky on vacation on the beach.
This is an example of Bloom and Sky on vacation on the beach.
"Ahh . . ", a dit Bloom to Sky. The Winx were on vacation with the Specialists. As they lay on the beach, Princess Diaspro was spying on them. Princess Diaspro wanted Bloom To Suffer her revenge and Prince Sky would be hers. At Night, when Bloom was sleep alone, Princess Diaspro commanded Dark Knights to capture Bloom and hang her in her kingdom. As the night moved on, Bloom was in chains in the kingdom of Irises. After a few hours of being torture par Princess Diaspro, Bloom cries and suffers with bruises, open wounds, and bloody injuries. In the morning, When the Winx and the Specialist woke...
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posted by WinxClub_Stella
I’ve been thinking about doing this review for a while (like two weeks) but hadn’t gotten around to it. If toi hadn’t seen the titre I shall be reviewing the Winx Fairy School app. I’m going to start off par saying I really l’amour this app and have been playing this throughout the summer so without anything else, here is my review.

The fairy school app is available on both iOS and Android devices, however it isn’t free. toi are able to purchase this app for £4.99 ou $6.99, there is a lite version (free) on the iOS but toi can only reach level 3.

The aim of the game is to become a Believix...
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