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Elena was lying on a hospital, surrounded par her friends. She was awake and a little annoyed.
“I’m fine, I want to go home” she said.
“You fainted, Elena. toi need to slow down a bit” Caroline a dit bossy.
“I just have a low blood pressure, which is no surprise” Elena a dit pointing at her neck.
“Well, the doctor wants toi to stay here for the night” Stefan said. “And I agree with him”
“This is a conspiracy” Elena a dit grumpy.
“We can stay if toi want” Jeremy suggested.
“And stop me from leaving, right” Elena said, figuring her brother out. “No, toi can all leave, so I can fall asleep and this night can be over and I can go accueil again”
“I really think someone should stay here” Stefan insisted.
“I’ll do it” Katherine said, getting inside.
“Perfect, toi can all go. My ancestor will make sure I don’t déplacer a muscle” Elena said.
“Are toi sure?” Alaric asked.
“Yes” Elena said. “Katherine will take very good care of me, won’t you, Katherine?”
“Of course” Katherine a dit obvious.
“Alright then” Alaric said. They started moving outside. At the door Stefan turned around. “Call me when toi have the results of your test”
Elena nodded. They closed the door. “Finally” she sighed. “Can toi put on the TV?” Katherine did what she asked and tuned in on the news.
“The car was on fire, but they were able to get the victim out of the car. The doctor’s tried to do CPR, but the victim had died before help arrived”
“Elena” Katherine said. She looked at her doppelganger, whose eyes were fixated on the screen.
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Some opinions Stelena’s shippers think about Damon and Elena relationship that doesn’t make any sense!!

Elena will always l’amour Stefan, no matter what she feels for Damon
It is not because she will never unfell for him that she doesn’t l’amour Damon, her l’amour for Damon “consumes her”. Stefan is the sûr, sans danger choice, which is why she would rather choose him and not Damon who “sabotage things”. Damon and Elena only have four kisses, and she kisses him in 3x19, I mean toi can hate the ship but don’t deny it, If Elena doesn’t l’amour Damon as much as she loves Stefan ou even plus than I really...
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“There toi are” Bonnie a dit and she dragged him over the cold, dusty ground.
Damon hooked his fingers in the ground, boycotting Bonnie as much as possible. He would get out of here, even if it meant breaking every bone in his body.
But Bonnie just dragged him with her as if he was a rag doll. “I told toi toi shouldn’t try to escape. toi know that’s a bad idea”
She dropped him in the center of the cage.
“Before I kill toi there are a few things toi have to know” She rolled him on his back with her feet. “You’re evil. You’re a worthless, useless waste of space. You’re not...
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It’s just a party, Damon had to tell himself when he knocked the Gilbert’s house door. However, it was Alaric who opened it.
“You’re looking for Elena?” he asked frowning.
Damon smirked. “No, Ricky, I was hoping toi could do me the honor of being my rendez-vous amoureux, date tonight” he a dit sarcastic.
“Sorry, Damon, you’re too old” Alaric joked back. Then he was serious again. “Ehm, Elena left five minutes ago”
“She did?” Damon asked confused.
“Yeah” Alaric said. “Hey, why don’t toi just get inside, pour yourself a drink, then I’ll change clothes and go with you. Jeremy can come...
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Bonnie woke up after another rough night. Katherine wouldn’t be here until sundown. She was up to something. Bonnie didn’t need her magic skills to feel that.
Why didn’t Katherine just let her die? It was obvious no one was missing her. But maybe Katherine believed killing her wouldn’t be punishment enough. Maybe she wanted to make her suffer. After all Bonnie had made Damon suffer. But she wanted to make it right. Not because she suddenly started caring for Damon; she just wanted her best friend Elena back and for that she had to make it up to both of them. Though playing with their...
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