The Vampire Diaries TV montrer Which was the best end-of-episode cliffhanger so far (seasons 1 and 2)?

Pick one:
1x02 Damon biting Caroline
1x03 Damon revealing he feels for Elena par stroking her cheek in her sleep
1x05 Elena confronting Stefan: "What are you?"
1x08 Bonnie dreaming about Emily and waking up near the tomb
1x09 Logan montrer up at Jenna's
1x10 Elena's car crash and the approaching vampire
1x11 Alaric realising that it was Damon who "killied" Isobel
1x12 Anna s’embrasser Ben
1x13 Stefan finding Elena's bedroom empty after finding out Anna was in the house
1x16 Jeremy asking Anna to turn him
1x17 Damon finding Stefan with a bunch of empty blood bags
1x20 Isobel montrer up
1x22 Katherine revealing herself to John
2x01 Katherine "killing" Caroline
2x05 Katherine s’embrasser Mason
2x06 Katherine compelling Matt to let himself be killed par Tyler
2x07 Elena being kidnapped
2x08 Elijah pulling the stake out of himself
2x11 Damon noticing that Rose's bite hasn't healed
2x15 Katherine out of the tomb and in Damon's douche
2x17 Katherine trapped par Klaus
2x18 Elena pulling the dagger out of Elijah
2x20 Jenna becoming a vampire
2x22 Jeremy seeing Vicky and Anna
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