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I was in my chambers, gazing at my olive coloured skin in the mirror, while brushing my luscious dark brown hair. These were traits I was fortunate enough to inherit from my mother as they did not run in my father's side of the family. Oh my mother. How I wished I had known her.

I didn't know much about her. Only that her name was Tatia Petrova and she had died when I was just a baby at the hands of my very own grandmother, a very powerful witch named Esther. Esther had wished to end the rivalry between two of her sons. For this reason she used my mother in a sacrifice ritual which transformed...
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We skip to S2, Stefan is fully aware that Damon is in l’amour with Elena, so he saw it as an opportunity, Damon can be in Elena’s life and be her friend and save and protect her life as long as he doesn’t act on his feelings, and as long as Damon keeps his destines from Elena while saving/protecting her life then it was fine with him (we see this in 2x08 in the car scene Damon tells Stefan that he can get out as easily as he went in and Stefan respond “no toi can’t that’s the BEAUITY of it”) he used and still uses Damon’s l’amour for Elena instead of trying to make easier for him (selfish...
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 Katherine Pierce
Katherine Pierce
Katherine is back!
Adventurous par nature
Two brothers rapped around her finger
Hunger to kill, drink and ruin peoples lives
Exhilarating plans that leave us wanting more
Really? Katherine’s back? We all know who the salvatores will choose though
Identical of Elena Gilbert par looks
NO sympathy to what she has done to Damon and Stefan
Evil BAD-ASS b***h

Plays par ‘no’ rules
Innocent little Katherine Pierce…NOT!
Extremely selfish in every way possible
Ripped two brothers apart
Compelling to watch
Excitement going through her when she knows she’s fooled everyone!
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