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Link, he came to town.
Came to save, the Princess Zelda.
Gannon took her away, now the children don't play.
But they will, when Link save the day, HALLELUJJA!
Now Link, fill up your hearts.
So toi can shoot your sword with power.
And when you're feeling all down, a fairy will come around.
So you'll be brave, and not a sissy coward!
Now Link, has saved the day.
Put Gannon, in his grave...
Now Zelda is free, and now our hero shall be.
Link! I think your name shall go down in history!

I hope toi like this. I do NOT own this song. I got it from YouTube.
This is my lets play of legend of zelda to help toi beat the game. In this lp it will help toi to beat the game around 90%. I will get 50 skulltellas, all the cœur, coeur peices, all items, ect. (gsdfnfhdfhbdfjksghdfjksghdfsijgdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfjkjkfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
This is a new series of articles called "Boss Battles Guide". Every now and then (When I feel like it :P) I will post a detailed strategy guide of beating those pesky boss battles we all hate to fight. First up, the Deku arbre and Parasitic Armored Arachnid: Queen Gohma!


Once toi enter the round room, toi are committed! To begin the fight, press the up C button and look at the ceiling of the room. There will be a cut-scene montrer the giant araign? e, araignée crawling around. It will fall from the ceiling and the battle will begin! *Bell dings* This is pretty much an easy fight, as this IS the first...
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Sorry this took so long... but here it is. Twilight Princess turned into book form. X3 I own no copyrights of the original storyline. This is strictly for entertainment...

Chapter One:
I sat in complete silence, the sand warm beneath me and my feet placed in the shallow water before me. I was sitting par a spring, a small waterfall in the distance and my uncle, Russell, sitting suivant to me. We were in the middle of Faron Woods, the forest just north of my village. The sun was shining its golden light through the leaves of the trees, bringing a sense of peace and change. The air wasn’t too hot...
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Midna's Lament,
-Inspiration from ♡Lizz♡-

Lingering in the last light of dusk...
...lies within the shadows of trust.
I can't hold on to what I have lost.

Casting shadows into the light...
..hidding in the darkness of night.

Carry me through the fight,
Bathed in Twilight.

Broken, twisted, stand if I must...
...Stand for all which is righteous and just.
I must hold on to what I have now.

Making haste in the blanket of light...
...breaking from the ropes of the night.

I'll hold toi tight,
Bathed in Twilight.
Ever play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? If toi have, toi probably know that it is widely considered the greatest game of all time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but if toi don’t think it’s one of the best games, it is high up there. The musique scores were impeccable, the story was fantastic, and what I’m here to talk about, the ending. Again, if toi have beaten this game, toi know the ending when Navi leaves your side; toi place the Master Sword back in the altar and close the door of time. Then, toi see the young Link seeing Zelda again in the back of the...
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Me and the girls are just in Zelda's bedroom thinking of what to do in the sleepover. " Any ideas ?" Midna questioned at Zelda, " I got nothing she replied back with a frown. " Oh c'mon princess, your the host of the party, you're always good with ideas ." I a dit cheerfully. Until, Zelda thought of the nicest idea that god could have known, her fingers snapped, and with a wicked grin, she yelled happily, " Let's prankcall Ganondorf ! ", " Oooooh , I luv prankcalling ! " replied back excitedly.

So then , me and my Friends are getting ready for the prankcalling and trying to hold back laughter...
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Ever heard of that episode when Rika dies when she kills herself when Shion was gonna torture Rika in the Higurashi series well get this , I mixed part of the episode with the Super Smash Bros. Brawl and a hint of LoZ TP.

In Hyrule château Zelda was gonna give Ganondorf something, " We still got a lot left, so feel free to take as much as toi want okay ? " Zelda asked, Ganondorf gave Zelda a creepy smile that was gonna confuse her while at the same time she doesn't know what's gonna happen. " Wha ?" she a dit curiously, then Ganondorf threw a smoke bomb at her which caused her...
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High School Links
Chapter 10: Oh......

" Red must had ran away ou something! We got so scared.... I mean Green.... he got scared.... he almost fainted! !!!!! As we were going to look for him.... Red came running twords me crying...... Shadow was behind him......

"What happened?"
"I uhhhhh......"
"Tell me what happened!!!!"
"Well uhhhhhh......"
He then started to explain........
Shadow was in the woods for some reason... he saw Red and wanted to scare Red soooo......

Shadow: I'm gonna kill you....

Red: Whaaa?! OAO *Runs away*

Shadow: I DIDNT MEAN IT!!!!!*Chases after Red* DONT BE ANGRY!!!!

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Zelda was staring out her balcony looking at the villagers all working when she had somthing on her mind and it was - Link. She was madly in l’amour with him and link was also in l’amour with zelda.All the things that ran in there minds was about eachother. so one night Zelda sneaks out of the château and heads for liens arbre house. When she got there it was dark and "BAM!" Zelda laid unconcious on the floor and it was gannon who made this sinister plan. About an heure later Link comes in to a note on the floor that says: I HAVE ZELDA AND SHE WILL BE KILLED IF toi COME AND RESCUE HER SO STAY AWAY....
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