The Kane Chronicles FanFic: The Rise of Power

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I do not own the series it is just my version with some of Riordan's characters.


It was early morning and I rolled out of bed, groaning from another soar neck. "Dumb headrest." I mumbled. My eyelids still felt heavy. I raised my hand and noticed it was completely blue. Now that woke me up.Then my matress went up and down. "Weh-weh" I heard. MY left eye widened when my eyebrow rose. "Oh lord. FELIX! You had better not done it again. I lokked under my bed to find a penguin squirming and trying to slide not noticing it wasn't in the tundra. I decided on my favorite way of getting back: meteor rocks time. I brushed my brown hair behind my ear and snuck out my bedroom door. Felix's room was right next to mine. That nasty nine year-old. Good, he was at breakfast but Cleo wasn't. I tried to sneak in as quiet as I could.Felix loved penguins. I decided to use his favorite marble statue of a penguin. This was probably the twentith time he had done it. I slowly raised my mind, concentrating until my head hurt. I then launched my arm at the wall and found a piece of marble stuck in the wall. I smiled easily. I did it again exept with harder force this time. I had a bigger chunk in the wall. I was studying the path of Geb, but always loved Isis. I loved her to read different books and scrolls about her in the library but then Carter or Sadie would always tell me to study some spells or bending. I hated it. After an hour of throwing I ran down stairs and ran right into Amos. "Where are you going?" he asked with his dark suit and Fedora. "Um, to breakfast." I said, trying to keep a straight face. "Fine. But hurry, you need to go to the library and make a plan for your final test on Geb. Youu will learn the different problems and..." Amos went on and on and on..I should stop it is making my head dizzy. I rant to the table, grabbed a piece of french toast and ran to the library. Cleo wasn't there yet so I decided to read some books. I was walking to a cubby when I passed a familiar display case. It had the amulets: Isis and Horus. I loved to look at the Isis. But today, the glass was off to be polished and no one was in the library. "Hmmmm....." I thought. My eyes widened and I did something I knew I would regret, deeply regret like a scar from a bicycle fall when I wasn't wearing a helmet. My hands moved towards the amulet.
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it is my first FanFic so i will do the next chap. when I get a reply to see if people like it so please reply!
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[Jane, you are not the only one in the recording!]Sorry, Jane is such trouble. Anyways, yeah, I heard a thump and immediately it was Jane and her dumb meteor rocks time. I knew Felix would have a fit, so I threw on my sweats, put on my slippers and ran downstairs. You see, Jane didn't mention this but she is new to the Twenty First Nome. I am studying the path of Geb with her. I ran onto the terrance and forgot I had to go to the library. I quickly had a bowl of cereal. "Oh," I said. "Felix, meteor rocks happened and this time with bigger meteors. Felix took a gasp, readying himself to scream until Carter raised his hand. "Felix, I got this." He closed his eyes, reached out and summoned his sword from the Duat. He ran upstairs, Felix demanding he go faster. Anyways,I quickly grabbed my reading glasses and crept into the library."Jane....Jane? You in here?" I turned the corner and saw the display case, the glass on the ground, and Jane standing next to it. "Yes....YES! I have my dream!Noone can tell me what to do!" She held the amulet in her hand. She took the necklace and widened it to fit over her head. "No, Jane no." I whispered. She turned to look at me. My black hair flung as she pushed me away. She slowly put it on her neck. "No, Jane JANE NO!" I reached out but I was too late. It was on her neck. She rose in the air and shined like the sun.She had long, rainbow mettalic wings and a beautiful tiara hang on her fore head. Her brown hair straightened and hung on her sholders. She had on a long, low V neck linen gown and was barefoot. "JAne? Ar-are y-y-you, Isis?" She smiled. "You tell me, brainiac." She fell to the ground and returned to normal. "YOu did it," I said wwwearily. "You just hosted Isis. S-" Before I could call Sadie's name she put her hand over my lips. "Shhh. Relax, my head in running in circles and I hear a voice just..just relax." I nodded aware she was nervouse, upset, excited and happy alll at the same time. I slowly walked out and then began to run.
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I couldn't beleive the amount of power I felt. I felt intellegent and beautiful. My long, curly hair was straightened and-[you already said this Cleo? Oh shut up Cameron!]anyways so yeah, what Cleo said! Let's get to the point. I had the amulet on and Sadie rushed into the room to see what was going on. "Oh, just briiliant! Something I don't no how to stop and my rubbish brother doesn't either I can bet you!" She ran up to me to take off my amulet. No. No, no no no no! This is my chance and she will not ruin it!I had a cat-like reflex of my favorite spell. "Ha-Di!" I said with my hand lunging in Sadie's direction. She screamed and quickly dodged my attack. That kept her distracted for a bit. I ran out of the library on to run into Carter and Amos rushing towards the library. "JANE! The amulet AMOS THE AMULET!" they were blocking the staircase and Carter had his sword. Amos had a staff in his hand. He threw his staff in the air and summoned a lion. The lion jumped at me and I quickly somersaulted our of its path. I than decided to run to the terrance where I would find Walt and Jaz. I heared the lion's michevious toes stomping behind me as it was waiting for me to get into the perfect pouncing position. "Hey Jane how ar-AHHHHH!" Jaz screamed. She immediatley realized the lion and called for help from Philip of Macendonia. Philip jumped and they both began to fight. I looked at Walt for help. He smiled then that smiled smile left almost to soon. "THE AMULET! JANE TAKE THAT OFF!" He ran towards me as Jaz was searching through her tool bag. I ran as Walt and Jaz were both chasing me. I then ran into Amos and Carter again. Everyone was yelling at me. Too much. Just too much. I had to do something. I had to concetrate. I am here in your mind. I will help you. Remember the bird. A voice said in my head. What did Sadie say in the recording. What did she say? Oh, I remember! She said when she was hosting Isis the Godess herself would speak to Sadie through her mind. What do I do? What bird? I asked. IT seemed as if my vision had gone blury. I couldn't hear Amos, or Carter or Jaz, or Walt. They were all frozen, trying to grab the amulet and take it off. Too late I thought. Too late. Then, my vision went black. I was seeing a picture, no clip of Sadie and Carter sitting by eachother, sitting next to Bast, in a tall building trying to turn into bird. Just concentrate on a bird. She spoke to me. The vision left and I was back at the house. I concentrated for about five minutes until I was a beautiful bird. I think I was a pigeon, no, a kite. Yes, that is what is was. I was a kite. I flew and flew until I reached a winder then I flew away. Far away un til I started to crave mice. Then I stopped. I stopped and then the trouble began.
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Thanks, should I a knewchapter? I really want to get the word around and want more people to like it, so will you help me please?
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Ok, I know I have not been in the beginning of the story so, let us get things straight. My name is Cameron Harrison. So, you know that Jane Cook has long, brown, curlyish hair and is average height with caramel eyes. Cleo Garcia Vasquez has short bobbed black hair with very tan skin (not black) and is short with reading glasses and has bright green eyes. NOw, for mister handsome-shmexy man [Oh shut up Jane yes I am!] I have a black hair style like Anubis and dark skin like Cleo's and washboard abs. I have awsome rosy lips and blue eyes. I loved to play soccer. So, back to the story. I was playing soccer in my driveway when I saw a bird on the ground. It was a kite. I am homeschooled so I see alot of things outside and a kite was not one of them. I couldn't beleive my eyes. But the bird was doing something strange.The kite was holding it's head with it's wings as a human would do when they are fustrated. Next, which was a first for me it put one wing on it's hip i guess if a bird had hips and the other wing slapping it's face and tapping it's talons. I dropped my soccer ball and walked it's way. "Here little birdy albino thingy majig. It is okay. I picked up the bird. Before I could get the bird into my house, it changed into a girl.She had long, kindof wavy brown hair and amazing caramel eyes. She had on jeans and a polo with some hieroglyphs on it in the corner. I could read them. They spelled Ralph Lauren. I wonder why. "Umm, sorry. I can explain?" She gave a half-hearted smile and I let her down slowly. I brushed my blue soccer jersey and picked up my soccer ball. She was wearing an egyptian shirt, she had a familiar blue, drawstring bag and was recently a bird. I could only help but smile. "What? What is so funny?" she crossed her arms and dropped her tool bag. A stick and a clump of wax fell out. "Do you train at the Twenty-First Nome?" I asked, curious. She dropped her jaw and cleaned up her tools. "How would you even know?" She leaned forward. "Do you know about blood of the Pharohs?" She asked. I couldn't believe that opne of my kind was standing right in front of me. "Yeah," I said. "I am with the First Nome. I am taking a brief brake to visit Carter and Sadie. I hear they train there." She finally showed those purly whites with an amazing smile. "They do. Here, this is the map I grabbed before I left." She handed me the map. Something bothered me though. In my studies only Isis could only summon the kite. The gods would summon them through their host. Then I realized the amulet on her neck. "Oh god..." I muttered. She was wearing the amulet. "Hello, earth to.. what is your name?" MY eyes widened. "Cameron," I said. She looked uncomfortable. I could tell she was taking the way I stared at her amulet the wrong way. Finally, I knew that Zia Rashid had told me they put the amulet in the library to keep it from anyone else wearing it. I had to do something. I had to do something quick. I had to do something now. "Hey, so," I could tell bya faint trace in her voice she had a spanish accent. And, alot of spaniards can fence.. She cradled her arms and blushed. "I was wondering," I walked closer to her. I could tell she was fourteen, just like me. "Are you from Spain, or, Espan you say?" She tensed. Come on, you have to do this for the world well don't exagerate now the Nomes. "So do you?" I fell back a bit and gave her my a peek at my sheathed kopesh. She had to recognize it. But, she seemed like one of those delusional hotties instead. [What! You did!] She said,"Umm...." I walked back up to her and got real close. I put my arms around her neck. She was so distracted. I had to get that necklace now or never. I felt the chain and she clasped her hand on to mine. "This necklace is mine. Leave it alone." She knew what I was doing. I moved my hand. I had to do something. I did the only thing I could think of. I grasped my sword and whapped it out by her face. She closed her eyes and was stiffer than Set's battle armor." I know plenty of the blood of the Pharohs." I got real close and put my kopesh to her neck. I held it there real close to distract her and used my other hand to grab the chain between two fingers and pull it off. She didn't even notice. I let go of her and she was confused. "Is that a kopesh?" She asked looked like she was totally unaware of what just happened. "By the way, my name is Jane." I smiled. "I couldn't trust you but, you seem fairly nice. Will you show me the way to Brooklyn House?" I asked. "Sure." She said. You did it. You got the amulet ion the most akward way you could you weirdo, I thought. She didn't seem bothered so I held my sword and as we walked into chaos and things hidden just waiting to emerge.
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Now, since Cameron thought he was so hot, he simply is not. [In your dreams birdbrains!] I don't know what he was saying. First of all, Cameron is twenty-two and I am fourteen. Yes, he did call me albino but that is not the point. He did come up, rip the necklace off my neck, and ran. I ran after him. "Give me the amulet!" I chased him until he haulted. I bumped into him. I reached but he did not give it to me. "Ah ah ah ah ah ah!" He said as directing a backwards pupil. I felt anger and strength building inside of me. I had a faint trace of Isis's voice in my head. Fight him with strength, she was saying. The Duat, fight! She demanded. Then I remembered our first lesson, how to summon and place things in the Duat. I had my fencing sword from my fencing team in Pennsylvania. I loved it and was good I thought too. I could do flips and everything. I had to get my sword and force Cameron's hand. I concetrated so hard my face was beaded with sweat. I imagined me reaching in the locker at the gym to get my sword. I grabbed it and it appereared in my hand. Cameron gasped. I twirled my sword. "Un gard," I taunted. "Pelea conmigo si te atreves, Cameron." Which meant: Fight me if you dare, Cameron in Spanish. He shrugged and simply reached out with his kopesh like the one that Carter had. We clashed swords and I flipped backwards and kicked him in the gut. The amulet flew out of his hand, and so did his curved sword. I took a leap of Faith and caught the amulet on the tip of my sword. I fell to the ground and did a parry backhandspring before Cameron could get to me. Then, Cameron being unfair as always[What! You are!] took out his staff and summoned a bison. The bison charged and I put on the amulet. You want to know what really sucked? My polo top was red and most of the time animals are attracted to red. I grabbed the kopesh and took a dumb slice through it's horn. It pawed the ground for another charge. This time, I did a toe-touch and landed on it's back. First: bison fighting now: bison riding. I took out my wand and spoke my favvorite spell. "Ha-Di!" It launched a heiroglyph towards Cameron and put a hole in an alley wall. He snarled and made the bison disolve into sand. "The amulet belongs in a volt for your sanity, Jane!" He said. "I had plenty taken from me and I will not have that done again!" I missed Spain so much. It was my hometown. I was sent to Pennsylvania as an exchange student. Then the dumb scribe and recording showed up in the locker and my heart fell to my feet. I was forced into training and just wanted the power I have always dreamed of. "Isis was a good person. She never took anything for granted!" I shouted. "That is false! She has done her time and knows what she did wronge. She never fixed that and never will! If you want that power, if you want to help, take me with you. I have experiences that will help. First, you must listen,!" he said. I started to cry. I ran into Cameron's arms. "I need this. I really want and need this." I said. "You can have this. First, let us fix things at Brooklyn House."
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I stopped chasing her. It was no use. She got away and it was my fault. I promised to watch over her until she got used to the place. I guess she wanted more power or I don't know what has gotten into her. I sat there, head in knees, sobbing at the stoop of the stairs. I let down Sadie, and Carter, and Amos.......I had to be the odd ball out. Know one else thought Geb was cool, exept me. I really appreciated that person. I convinced Jane into it's study when her heart was truly based into Isis. If wasn't so pushy, I thought. I couldn't imagine things without Jane here. Then, saved by a bell, I heard a creeking of despair. I dhot up like a geyser to find a young man with black, swayful hair and the rosiest lipd I have ever seen. To my suprise, he had the same skin color like me and blue eyes that could gaze farther than the stars. He looked uncomfortable, though. I could he wasn't mexican like me. He was more egyptian. He had on a blue soccer jersey with a kopesh lay at his side and white workout shorts. He was very muscular. Jane, on the other hand had skin as pale as a ghost.
"Jane, are you alright? You don't lokk very well." How could I be so easy on her. She had betrayed me. I crossed my arms and looked as mad as I could, which wasn't very mad. "I am fine and Cleo, you aren't good at pretending." She said. "I know," I said, slumping my shoulders. "It is just that I haven't had a friend like you before. "Who is this?"I asked indicating the man woth the dark skin and black hair. "Oh, sorry. First-Nome trainee, Cameron Harris." I couldn't beleive I was talking to someone from the First-Nome. I was right, or I thought, which put me into rewind of the trip I had with my ba last night. I was in a calm, sandy place. I flew around and found a tall sand-stone building. I flew inside. There was a girl with black hair cut to her chin, kinda like mine and amber eyes. She was laughing hysterically holding...what looked like Cameron's hand. They were in a deep conversation, and I started to recognize the girl. She looked like that girl Carter had described in their recording. It was Zia Rashid. She wore a silky white linen top and matching lounge pants. She was bare foot and Cameron was dressed the same. She was carrying a stick, no, a staff with a speck of fire ablaze on the top of it. "No, dummy. It is C-A-I-R-O, Cairo. It isn't spelled Cheerio." Zia said. "FYI, that is why I am not a spelling teacher. Would you like another stuffed date?" Cameron offered. "Sure, won't mind if I do." She grabbed it from his hand and took a vicious, collosal bite. "Well, someone like them. So, do you thing Iskandar is right?" He gaze fell and he watched his feet move:left, right, left, right. Zia brought themselves to a hault and she grabbed his other hand. "Hey cheer up." She held his chin. "If it is, we will play the role together. I have met Carter and Sadie before. Or I have in my dreams. They are kindly for awaking me. They awoke Ra you know. You can trust them, I mean it." She kissed him on the cheek. "I don't know, but having them help me on this journey is terrifying. If Iskandar's vision is right, then I want you to help. We can't let the rise of power happen." He looked at Zia hopefully. Zia began to tear up. "If the amulets cause mischeif with mishevious people, they wil know." Zia let go of his hands and shouldered her backpack. "I just hope there is no Jane and no rise of Apophis. I hope the world stays in peace for a bit longer." Cameron said. I wanted to scream and tell him it was true but my vocal chords were broken. Then, the vision changed. I was in the Duat, in a field or lake or river or something of dead scarab shells, or beetle shells. They were pulsing up, then down. I heard a loud, sort of laughing hiss. Then, a man with chesnut hair and a yellow italian suit laugh. He had perfect teeth and beautiful brown eyes. He was standing in a boat, a very small boat and seemed like he was looking right at me. "Apophis is rising, and I, Joseph Kingsly, will host the god and kill Amos, once and for all!" He piped. He held his chest as he let aloud a loud, evil laugh and I was skooken back to reality. "You okay?" Cameron said, shaking my arms. "Yeah, just, I need to sit down. Jane, go tell Amos and Carter and Sadie we have a guest. While you are at that, Cameron sit. I would like to talk with you." Jane searched the house while Cameron, reluctantly took a seat. "What have I done now?" He asked all innocent. "I don't want to play den mother. Tell me what you know about the amulets." He grasped the arm of his chair and gasped.
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3 replys and I will post the next chapter. If not, I will eventually post it. Please please please reply!
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Heyz! You asked me to read it, and so I came here, realizing that I already did! XD Pretty cool, at least until Chapter 6, which I'll read later.
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yours is r eally cool, too!
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How did she know? Was she a stalker? No, or at least I didn't think so. "Why would you as such a thing? Why would I know anything?" I tried to smile all innocent but it wasn't working. "You train at the First-Nome, correct?" She said. "Yeah, so?" I questioned. I could tell I looked uneasy. I was getting into a deep subject. "Cameron, Carter wants to see you up stairs!" Jane yelled. Good, I wouldn't have to talk. I began to move from the chair. "Ah, ah ah! Not so fast." She said. I smirked and sat back down. She smirked back at me."You know Zia Rashid. You know, who is it, Joseph Kingsly? He is Apophis's knew host. You came for Sadie and Carter to go into the Duat and stop the rise of power." She said, leaning in closer the more she spoke. We ended up, nose to nose. "Ummm," I said, pushing her face away by her forehead. "I don't know what you are talking about," I said, shifting in his chair, my face beaded with sweat. "Then why are you sweating?" She said, tilting her head, being sarcastic. I couldn't give in, but I could tell she knew. "Did you have a night of turning-into-a-chicken-headed-fairy-thing?­&qu­ot; I asked. She sighed and nodded. "I saw the man and you and Zia before you left to find Carter and Sadie. You can't bring them back into the Duat or things won't be so pretty. Bring me and Jane. We can help. Jane has the amulet, and besides, you promised to help her, right?" She said. Maybe she was stalking me. "You know that because you were stalking me." I said. It seemed perfectly clear to me. "No-o-o, I saw it in a trip with my ba last night. Why would you think that?" She said, her exspression clearly stated:clueless. I tried to make up for it."I just thought, know tha-ANYWAYS!" I said. "You are right. That is exactly what I thought, but Zia totally diagreed. She seems to like Carter and Sadie." I said. My hair stuck to my forehead from the sweat. My shirt was soaked. You are probably wonder-Why are you sweating bullets? Well, that is what I tend to do when I get nervous. "We have to go. It, I don't know it just feels right. So please? I am really good at sneaking out at night." She begged. I could tell that she really wanted to go. "I guess so but, I need to know your name. YOu may be useful. Keep this a secret. I will stay the night and we will meet Zia in my driveway to my apartment tomorrow." I directed. "Name-Cleo Astacio. I am from Mexico. Secret-promised." She said as her cheeks swelled into a giant smile. She was adorable, and very nice. I smiled back. I was definetely oolder and taller than her. She had reading glasses in her hand. They were purple and blue. "Let us go find Jane and explain our plan," I said. She lead me upstairs.
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Should I continue? I haven't gotten any comments what so ever and so I feel that no one likes it. If you think I should continue, please say so. At least say something so I know that people are looking at it.
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Lots of people don't comment. Don't worry about it. And posting more on this forum will keep it at the top of the list, which will bring more readers.
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thanks you rock like heck.
you are my turf
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I have more chapters. I will put up the link and if I get to onehundred views I will post it on the forum!
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Anyone like it? I feel rejected people!
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Alright, 115 views! Time to post up til chapter ten!


When I heard the "plan" [Yes, it deserves quotes guys. They think I shouldn't add quotes to their oh so called "plan" Ha ha!]I thought Cleo had a really bad migrain from her reading glasses and or Cameron was taking steriods for his abs. I felt as if my brown hair was frizzing like Bast's hair does. They wanted to stop Apophis, kill Joseph Kingsley, and convince Zia all at the same time. "If we can get Zia to help us instead of Carter and Sadie we would have a better chance of stopping the phycos in the Duat." Cleo said as if it was like cutting cake. Cameron on the other hand looked like he got ran over by a truck. "This wasn't my idea." He said, holding up his hands. "I know, some of us are probably going to get killed without Zia so, Cameron, it is yout job to convince her." Cleo said. Cameron looked like the truck had backed up and run him over again.

[I don't care how squished your face is Cameron!] " long do we have to kill ourselves?" Cameron asked. "I don't know, but I don't like the sound of this guys. Maybe we do need Carter and Sadies-" "NO! I can prove that Geb is worthy of this. I don't need their help. None of us do!" Cleo cut in, sounding really frustrated. "C'mon please give her a chance, she looks pretty vicious like that." Cameron said, reluctantly moving away from Cleo. She looked like a hound dog. I fiddled with the Isis amulet on my neck. Do this, her voice rattled in my head. Show them that I am more worthy, she spoke again. NO, this isn't a competition, I spoke back. She didn't answer.

Carter came down the stairs. "So, who is ready for Magic Problem solving 101?" He asked enthusiactally. Oh lord, now how are we going to go? "Umm...we have a meeting with Amos." I said. His smile quickly left his face. "Oh, I guess you can go then. Be back soon." He said. Carter then went up stairs. Yeah, be badk soon, I thought.
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I hope anybody liked my plan. Cameron and Jane though were quite stiff about it. We packed up and left Brooklyn House. I hope that I was making the right choice. We walked three blocks before trouble knocked at the door, though.
"Blech what?"
"Blech baboons, no offense Khufu." I said. I dropped my satchel and drew my swoprd. Cameron drew his kopesh and Cleo drew her wand. [Cleo, a.k.a Miss Smarticles says I shouldn't use the same words more than once. Oh, shut up I am telling this. It isn't like they are going to make this into a book or something.] Anyways, we stood in ready positions.

"Do that thing again" Cameron said.
"What thing?"
"When you speak Italian."
"You mean Spanish?" I asked. "Sure, yeah, that!" He said. What a kid. "Pelea conmigo si te atreves, eh, creo que los babuinos?" I said. I stood straight to think. Unfortunately, the baboons didn't be respectful and charged at me. I charged back at them. "You don't want a piece of me!" Cameron said, chickening out from a one-on-one basketball game with a colorful rear-ended baboon. Wait, basketball? Anyways, it was quite the fight.

There was a baboon family. One-well never mind, one spoke a battle cry and another through the, nothing. I sliced through one with my sword. "Blech baboons!" I shouted. Cleo sighed and slapped her forehead. She took her wand and launched a big chunk of asfault at the baboon army. They all caleed,"Agghh! Agghh!" as they ran away.

I sighed and wiped my forehead. "Who sent them?" I asked. We all got together and shared some granola bars I brought and a tad of water. "Babi, to slow us down." Cameron said, pouring water on his forehead. "Why are you so hot? You just ran around like a little girl with a baboon on your head pounding at your temples." Cleo said, winking. I couldn't help but laugh.

Cameron straightened up.
"I am the grown-up here-"
"Er-I am the grown-up" Cleo said, imitating Cameron's voice. I laughed again. Cameron was imitated. I couldn't help but smile at him, trying not to laugh. "C'mon. Let us catch a cab to the airport." I frowned. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Cairo, to find Zia."

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Honestly, I had no clue that we had enough money to buy three plane tickets. It took about a day full of awkward conversations. I sat quite comfortably in my seat, enjoying a tuna sandwich.
"Heya ya, hmm hmm," Cameron chuckled. I gave him the eyebrow treatment. He chuckled some more. "Okay?" I said, turning in my seat. "What are you up to, Jane?" I said, leaning on my knees and hands.

She just sighed. "Cameron...acting...weird." She sighed again. "I know right? Why? I don't understand. I am really confused." I looked back at Cameron. I noticed he had a big smile, his eyes closed, his head rolling in the seat like a bowling pin. [Shut up Cameron I am telling the story! No....Whatever. Your head is not round like a bowling is just hollow like one. Well is it not true? Even ask....what is your name? Fine, I will just call you reader.]

Sorry about the breif out-of-story segment, "reader". Anyways, he was acting quite odd, but it wasn't as odd as what came next. "I swear, I can't stand guys. They just don't...well, they just don't know anything!" Jane said, bolting straight up, her eyes teary. What was wrong? I decided not to ask. She put her head in her hands and went to sit by Cameron. "You hear that, men don't know anything!" She stifled. What had gotten into her? What was going on? Why was everthing happening!

I felt someone dhaking me. I moaned. I threw up my arms and wacked someone in the face. "Ow!" A faint, blury figure said grasping it's nose. "Cleo, you okay? We are here." Jane said, pushing Cameron out of her way with an angry face, but it soon left with a soothing smile. "C'mon, there is so much to do in so little time in Cairo, Egypt." I sat up, my eyes fluttering like crazy. What was that dream all about?

We paied for a hotel room and then set off to find Zia. The dirt streets were filled with stands selling salt, animal furs, and other undescribable things. Children were chasing each other,playing in mud, and even weaving clothing. Soon, Cameron's face lit up. He ran and Jane and I had a silent agreement. We were here.

"Woah," I said, wincing from the cramp in my neck. I rubbend my necked because, to see the top of the building, we had to put our neck into our shoulders.
"We are here."
"Now what, Cameron?"
"Umm, walk in the door." He said, nervously. Nervously. He was nervous. We walked past a ton of doors until we saw three heiroglyphs, marking the entrance. "Zia." Cameron said, huffing and puffing. I was about to knock until the door swung open. A girl about fourteen or fifteen with short, black hair cut to her chin and golden eyes screamed. "Cameron, hi, and...CAMERON!" She said, beaming at him, but soon stopping to realize Cameron was right there.

Cameron leaned back to avoid Zia's "wrath". "Umm nice to see you too Zia?" He said. Zia shifted in mood. Moody, figures. "Cameron, oh!" She said squeezing so hard he started to wheeze. Cameron explained about what happened and about Iskandar's vision. He Zia about our plan and apoligized about not bringing Carter OR Sadie.

Zia crossed her arms. "So, please help us? Jane and I really want this chance. Don't blame Cameron, either. We got him into this." I said, Cameron nodding putting his hands up to show surrender. Zia looked completely suprised. "Well, I can't bel-" She started to cry and she fell to her knees. Cameron knelt next to her. "Iskandar was right! Oh, Cameron, I have to," Zia said sniffling. She shifted in mood again. Moody, "figures".
"but only for him not for them-"
"Okay, but thanks."
Zia turned away. Don't blow it! I thought to myself. Don't you DARE blow this Cameron. We needed to find though if Kingsley was in the Duat or not. I don't think because Apophis broke from his prison and is soon going to host Kingsley when they unite. I hjust found out and I had to break it to the guys.

'ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" Cameron yelled throwing his hands in the air. "We can still try right?" I said half-heartdly. "They will reunite soon, so, there isn't much time!" Zia said, shaking her hands in my face. "Well, what are we waiting for, let us go!" I said. "Thats what I say!" Jane said, pointing towards herself. After a little planning, we went back to the hotel and soon arrived at our first place to investigate.
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