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She inhales sharply.
She hates the irony, and the pain is too much.
She cannot see his face;
He has advanced from behind.
But she does not need too,
She knows his face too well.
His couteau digs deeper into her soft cheek.
He is carving a heart;
Mocking her obsession of him.
He whispers something incoherent to her.
She wishes she had listened closer.
He caresses her unmarked cheek with his gloved hand.
She closes her eyes,
Half wishing it was over,
Half wishing it would never end.

-Emily Rose-
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A cute couple fan-vid that I made of Harley and Joker. I thought it came out pretty well and I was surprised, so I just wanna share it with other fans and hopefully toi guys enjoy it too. :)
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Title: “The Impossible Smile”
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: excessive drug use, sex, sex and plus sex
Pairing: Joker formerly known as “Jack”/Harley
Disclaimer: “The Joker” and any other characters belong to DC Comics, the WB, the Warner Bros. company, among others. I wish he could be mine though!
Summary: “Jack” and “Harley” continue through some very steamy sex. Meanwhile, the find out just EXACTLY what is in that bank bag, and Harley worries about unfortunate circumstances.

He forced his massive member inside me over and over again. And he thought he’d put on his new gloves I...
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