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Nina : *walks to Fabian* salut Fabian welcome back!
Fabian : *smiles* Welcome back too!
Amber : *walks to them* So.. is there another "Fabina" story?
Nina & Fabian : AMBER!!!
Amber : Uh.. oops! I guess I better go! *runs away*
Fabian : That Amber sure can really handle with romance!
Nina : That reminds me *laughs*... where the heck has "Amfie" gone?
Fabian : I guess "Amfie" has gone! *giggles*
Nina&Fabian : *walks away while giggling*

Amber : So what REALLY happened to "Fabina"?
Nina : I don't know. But what happened to "Amfie"?
Amber : Shut it girl!!
Nina : Not unless...
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amber may be a blonde but she still is the genius behind the house, well maybe not the genius behind the whole house but she still is smart at thhings toi would not know unless toi watched the montrer go amber!!
amber millington
she is a genius
boyfriend drama
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Source: Compliments of Just Jared and Just Jared Jr.
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this is the best song par Brad riten for season 2 but never got uesed :(
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Eddie's P.O.V
"Eddie.....I'm pregnant" Patricia says. I stood there in shock absorbing what Patricia had just a dit to me. We stood there for five minutes in awkward silence and I finaly choked out "Your....pregnant?" "Ugh!" She groans "We stood there for ages and that's all toi can say!?" "Patricia this is serious!" I yell at her "You could get kicked out of school!" "Don't toi think I know that dufus!" Patricia yells back "What am I gonna tell my parents?" I hesitated for a moment "You mean are parents?" "Huh?" she looks at me in confusion "What do toi mean our Parents?" "Look Patricia, I know...
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(Joy's, Patricia's, and Mara's room)
Patricia: come on. Let's go find the scales.
(the Sibunas get up to see Senkhara blocking the door and they all gasp)
Senkhara: your not going anywhere.
Mick: is that Senkhara?
Amber: yep.
Mara: that looks like the ghost me and Eddie were hunting last term.
Eddie: it is.
Nina: what do toi want?
Senkhara: I've only came to remove your marks.
Mick: oh okay.
Fabian: no. How can we trust toi after all the other things you've done to us. Trying to kill us.
Senkhara: like this. (lifts hands up and says something in Egyptian and the Sibuna's marks start to glow.)...
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