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Eddies P.O.V
'were over!' those words repeated in Eddie's head like an annoying song that toi hate. He still couldn't Belive that patricia had broke up with him over something so stupid!
"Hey yacker" Eddie says as Patricia comes down stairs for their rendez-vous amoureux, date "you look great"! "thanks, toi don't look bad yourself slimeball" Patricia says with a smirk. "shall we?" Eddie says while grabbing Patricia's hand. "we shall." replied patricia. Eddie guided her out the door and opened the cab door motioning her to get in, patricia waked into the cab and sat down Eddie sat next. "So..." Eddie says...
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Patricia's P.O.V
"what have I done!" Patricia says to joy as she enters her room from her rendez-vous amoureux, date with Eddie. "Patricia what's wrong? How did the rendez-vous amoureux, date go?" Joy replied with a concerned tone. "I messed up everything on our date! Its all my fault!" Patricia yelled. "Patricia What exactly happend!" "Welll Eddie wanted to make out in the cab and-" Patricia was interrupted par joy "making out in the cab? Really? There's the cab driver! Talk about awkward." joy finishes. "I know! That's why I got annoyed and I can't belive he asked me what's my deal! My deal? What about his deal! So that's why I broke...
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