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parras2 posted on Jan 31, 2012 at 11:00PM
this is where you can make a demigod go on quests make friends/enemies and other demigodly stuff all you have to do is put your demigods



Immortal Parent-





and other things you want us to know about your demigod

(ok now it's time for the rules)1.don't make your character to strong 2. you cant control another persons character without their permission 3. please keep cussing down to a minimum 4. if you go on a quest go to this link:link

so far we have

Dante- son of Thanatos (me)
Keira- daughter of Hermes (Zelda4Efas)
Jesse- daughter of Poseidon (venus143)
Kaylee- daughter of Demeter (universalpowa)
Josiphia- daughter of Apollo (pink-bookworm)
Annie- daughter of Artemis (me-demigod4life)
Maya- daughter of Morpheus (ninjagirl77)
Skia- daughter of Styx (Nemisis)
Aidan- son of Apollo (sonofapollo27)
Mike- son of Zeus (Jasonfan44)
Ema- daughter of Nyx (emafluff)
Vanessa- daughter of Hades (Icrs50)
Noah- Immortal parent unknown (icuSTALKER)
Alex- son of Hades (killer24)
Charlie- son of Hectate (lolking)
Roberto- son of Kratos (darkling_menace)
Jake- son of Hephaestus (crash14)
Hannah- daughter of Athena (percy4forever)
Alvin- son of Poseidon (Alvin2442)
Blaze- son of Ares (Blaze_of_Ares)
Mark- son of Hemera (leond143)
Ariana- daughter of Aphrodite (NotSoPerfecme)
Eragona- daughter of Poseidon (BitemeIVampire)
Bella- daughter of Hades (BellaAndBubba)
Zane- son of Poseidon (1999jacko1)
Cara- daughter of Thanatos (Nicoliclous)
Kiara- daughter of Greg (DaugtherOfAll)
Kyle- son of Poseidon (sorenGuardian1)
Skylar- daughter of Aphrodite (anyone can control her)
Colin- son of Hephaestus (Ares2002)

and if anyone would like to be one of the original characters from the PJO or the HoO series you can(gods are included)

if you still want to be apart of the make your own hero please go to this link
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il y a plus d’un an NotSoPerfecMe said…
"where is that?"
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
"Thalia's pine tree, we can see the whole camp from there"
il y a plus d’un an NotSoPerfecMe said…
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
Stand up and picked Ariana up. We walk to Half-Blood hill holding hands
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
We arrived and I showed her the view of Half-blood hill.
"What do you think?"
il y a plus d’un an NotSoPerfecMe said…
"wait." climbs up a tree "pretty"
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
Climbs tree to get to Ariana. "Careful, come closer to me"
il y a plus d’un an NotSoPerfecMe said…
"you have got to catch me" summersaults off the tree and backflips away
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
Jumps out of the tree and rolled next to Ariana
"Just wanna make sure if you drop, you drop on me not the ground"
il y a plus d’un an NotSoPerfecMe said…
(you do know that ariana ran towards the woods already)
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
(lol, no) Runs to the woods after Ariana
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
Saw Ariana "Careful, there are monsters here"
il y a plus d’un an NotSoPerfecMe said…
"I'm perfectly safe" front hand springs further to the woods
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
Boost myself using my fire power and got closer to Ariana
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
Boost stronger. I tackled Ariana but make sure we drop with me at the bottom and Ariana is safe. "Ow, that hurts"
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il y a plus d’un an NotSoPerfecMe said…
"ahhh!!" picks myself up and dust off "you just broke my concentration!"
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
"Sorry, what concentration" Stands up rubbing my chest.
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il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
"Are you ok?"
il y a plus d’un an NotSoPerfecMe said…
"I was trying to train up until you knocked me down"
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
"Don't go to deep into the woods, sorry. Are you OK?" Check myself for damages but still rubs chest.
il y a plus d’un an crash14 said…
Leo: there moving
Jake:I see that
Leo runs and I climb to where they are now
il y a plus d’un an NotSoPerfecMe said…
"I'm fine. I need to go. I'll be back tomorrow" sets bracelet and disappears before blaze could say a word
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
"I hate it when she leaves" Mumbles to myself. Goes back to my camp in the wood to take my stuff. I go back to my cabin.
il y a plus d’un an BitemeIVampire said…
(Back. i am bored what can i do)
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
Ares cabin
Only Ares was in the cabin. I drop my stuff on a bed and kneel infront of my father.
"Blaze, rise."
"Not to offence you but is there a specific reason why you came"
"I'm glad you ask. I have a present for you" Throws me a black leather jacket like the one racers wear.
"What is it?"
"That is your armor, you must ask for a specific armor, from anywhere, in your head. It can also turn into any clothes that you scan"
"Thank you father"
"Now for the real reason I'm here"
"Tell your sister, it is time and give her this" Hands me a small stick that turned into a banner, with the symbol of Ares on it, in my hand.
"Protect that girl with your life. Look away" He said. I looked away and a flash of light he disappear. I ran to find my siblings thinking about Ariana
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il y a plus d’un an BitemeIVampire said…
(What the Hades can i do)
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
(Got an idea) I ran and bump into Era. I grabbed her to make sure she fall on me.
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
il y a plus d’un an crash14 said…
I walk up with leo and tyson (I'm a wolf) hey blaze
il y a plus d’un an BitemeIVampire said…
" You got that right. Hey what the heck?"
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
"Hi, thats the second girl that landed on me and your pregnant. Have you seen my siblings"
il y a plus d’un an BitemeIVampire said…
" Uhhhh. No. No I haven't. They're probably at the arena."
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
"OK bye" Ran to the arena
il y a plus d’un an BitemeIVampire said…
" Weird............Uhhhhhhhhh." I dust myself off.
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
C: Blaze glad you can join us.
B: Dad told me to give this to you
I throw the stick and it turned into a banner. She looked shocked.
C: When did he give you this
B: Few minutes ago in the cabin, he also gave me armor.
C: It's time
B: Time for what
Child of Ares: The mission
B: What mission
C: Mission of Ares
B: I'm not getting any of this
C: Idiot. Ares gave us a mission years ago and now it's time for it.
B: Who is going?
C: All of us
B: But...
C: No buts, we have to go right away. Children of Ares! Prepare to leave. Go to the cabin and take the supplies
Everyone went to the cabin and so did I
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il y a plus d’un an crash14 said…
You guys wanna train with blaze
Leo:sure I haven't beat my little brother in a while
Jake: your not related to blaze
Leo rolls eyes
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
Ares Cabin
I wore my jacket and said:"Greek battle armor" I wore full body armor from head to toe. I took my sword, which Jake made for me, and put it at my side.
"I better tell someone to tell Ariana" I said in my head
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il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
"I forgot something, I'll be right back"
I ran out of the cabin. I saw Era.
"Era, I have to go and not sure how long I'll be gone. Tell Ariana this. I will IM you guys" I ran back to my cabin
il y a plus d’un an crash14 said…
I walk up to the ares cabin and somekid attacked me and I flip him with my boe staff " hey blaze watcha doin"
il y a plus d’un an Alvin2442 said…
Takes a shower and puts on
A white t-shirt which has my 8-pack showing
Green hoddie over my t-shirt
Black Jeans with clasps and greek writing over it
Blue Jordans
vapor travels next to Jake with hands in pockets
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
"Nothing. Jake, we are busy. We are going on a mission now only for children of Ares"
il y a plus d’un an crash14 said…
Ok walks up to tyson and leo " hey guys wanna follow the ares kids * we go and pack*
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
Clarrise:"You can't follow, it's only for us. Now GET OUT OF HERE"
il y a plus d’un an crash14 said…
Sneaks off to cabin"wee are so following"
il y a plus d’un an BitemeIVampire said…
" Again. Awkwardness." I go to the beach and dive into the water.
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
Clarrise took the banner and said "Ares has given us the mission. Now take us, the children of Ares, to the survival ground" in greek and we dissapeared
last edited il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an crash14 said…
I have leo take us to the same place
il y a plus d’un an BitemeIVampire said…
Goes under the water
il y a plus d’un an Blaze_of_Ares said…
I found myself in a jungle.
B:Where are we?
Ares:The Amazon
Everyone kneel and said 'father'
Ares:Get up
We all stood up
B:Why are we here?
A:To test your strength. Survive here for one week or so.
B:One week?
A:Problem son?
He ask in a tone
B:No father
Clarrise:How will we go back
A:Oh yeah, I forgot. You have a mission, give me the banner.
She gave it to him and it disappeared. Ares pointed to a mountain
A:See that mountain. You have to go there and retrieve the banner, only then you can go back. You have one week to do it and it won't be an easy task.
B:Let's get going
A:In a hurry?
C:Blaze show some respect, his our father and god of war.
B:Sorry father
A:Better. Look away
Everyone looked away as Ares disappear
B:Let's get going, we have to cover as much ground as possible
C:Why are you in a such of hurry?
Canton(random child of Ares):Probably because of that girl his been hanging around with, Ariony
B:It's Ariana and so what?
Ct:She's probably just using you, she needs someone to protect her. She will probably get another boyfriend, she's useless forget about her.
B:How dare you say that.
I punched him hard in the face and he fell face first to the ground. My brothers, Richard and Rahl held me back as I was about to attack again.
He woke up, took off his helmet and wiped his face off the blood.
Ct:Just telling the truth little brother.
I tried to move towards him but I only move a little because of my brothers.
C:Hold him back!
Ct:She doesn't care about you, what makes you think she likes you. She'll probably dump you when she gets someone better, like me
C:Canton shut up!
I kicked Richard and Rahl and escaped. I run towards Canton. I punched him, he fell, I got on top of him and continued punching him.
B:Once I'm done with you even your own mother will hate you
My sibling got on me but I pushed them away.
C:Blaze stop!
She took her spear, used it to touch me with a lot of volts. I flew to a tree with my body smoking. Canton was still on the ground,his face was bleeding so badly, no one could recongnise him.
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il y a plus d’un an crash14 said…
Me leo and tyson are watching this with camo armor "hey guys next time I say follow them hiet me" tyson hits me
Me:I said next time!
Leo: we have to follow them and then grab one of them when tthey dissappear so we can go too thanks jake
Me: aren't you the oldest and suppposed to lead us