Le Monde incroyable de Gumball Club
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this is a song sung par Darwin, in episode the words.
The episode starts with the Wattersons visiting Elmore Junior High on a Saturday. Gumball asks why they are there, so Richard excitedly explains that Saturday is club day. He happily rushes off to his fantaisie Club and leaves Gumball with Nicole.
Gumball asks his mother if he could rejoindre her club, but she explains that she becomes a different person when she is in her Anger Management Club. Mr. Small, who is apparently president of the club, greets her, but she suddenly lashes out at him for no reason and sends him flying through the door, knocking him unconscious.

Gumball then attempts to join...
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The episode begins with the Wattersons sitting at the dining room table. Richard had just finished telling his family a story about why toi shouldn't mix Pop Rocks and soda. Nicole asks if any of the other family members want to share anything (besides Richard) so Gumball tells everyone about him planning on going on a rendez-vous amoureux, date with his l’amour interest, Penny. Nicole is ecstatic and attempts to hug her son and with some effort manages to do so. Darwin admits to his brother that he's impressed par Gumball's confidence, because if he screws up this rendez-vous amoureux, date Penny might not ever talk to him again.
This realization...
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Le Monde incroyable de Gumball
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