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do toi think that this world completely Suits – Avocats sur Mesure for teenagers ou how this world must change to suit us?

 anviange posted il y a plus d’un an
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Itz_RISHAL said:
According to me ...
This world is of teenagers ..
It Suits – Avocats sur Mesure us ...
New styles ,
New ideas ,
New facts ,
New lives ,
New l’amour ,
And everything ...

And sometimes it depends on places ,
Like in india
There is very injustice for girls ,
So it doesn't Suits – Avocats sur Mesure there ...

And in USA
It does because
Parents leave their children on their own ..

And also people ...
It depends on different types of people ,
Like according to me I answered ...
But may be some one will not agree with this ..

So it completely depends on teenagers and their attitudes :)
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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