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(no ones pov)
Duncan:Gwen Morgin*gets on one knee*will toi take the honor of being my wife. Gwen:*tears in her eyes*Oh Duncan,I will be your wife. Duncan*hugs Gwen*I l’amour you. Gwen:*hugs back*I l’amour toi too. *they kiss*
*2 weeks later*
(Duncan's pov)
Gwen's now 6 months pregnant. We're going to have the baby douche today. Gwen and I are very happy that soon there will be a new member of the family in 3 months. I'm still furious at my dad. He will never get to touch my daughter. Gwen and I are already planning the wedding. We're gonna get married after Daniella's born. I just hope my dad doesn't...
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Duncan's P.O.V:

I was just sitting watching TV at accueil flicking through the channels bored out of my mind, when suddenly the phone began to ring. So I slowly got up and dragged myself off the sofa, but when I got to the phone it was too late. Oh well if its important they'll ring again I thought as I sat back down. the suddenly it hit me! Gwen was due to have the baby any time now! Oh man I've really messed up! I need to get to the hospital and fast!
Ok, calm yourself down Duncan, stay calm! I ran and grabbed the car keys as fast as I could and got to the local hospital as fast as I could.

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This is the little story I wrote for the picture I made, it was originally longer, but my computer deleted it so we this was basically all I could remember. I'm sorry, butstill I hope toi all enjoy!:3

Duncan couldn’t exactly sleep.

It was hard to tell really, what was bothering him the anticipation ou the adrenaline rush. Though the rhythmic jerking of the subway wasn’t exactly the most relaxing thing in the world either, he sighed heavily. The silence was beginning to irritate him as the only thing that could be heard was the violent screech of metal against metal. Multiple odors filled...
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*the wedding*
(Duncan's pov)
I'm so glad that I'm finally getting married to Gwen. Here she comes down the isle. Her sarcelle, teal robe with black jems surrounding her waist. Her sarcelle, teal and black hair straightened down. Oh god she looks hot.
(no ones pov)
Priest:do toi Duncan Harrison take Gwen Morgin to be your wife threw sickness and threw health? Duncan:I do. Priest:and do toi Gwen Morgin take Duncan Harrison to be your husband threw sickness and threw health? Gwen:I do. Priest:by the power invested in me I now pronounce toi man and wife toi may now Kiss the bride. *Duncan & Gwen kiss* Gwen:I l’amour you. Duncan:I l’amour toi too. Daniella:*claps and girgles.*
<3 THE END <3
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Omfg i thought this was cute :D
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This is a collaboration fanfiction that will be done in parts par bakes2389 and I. This seconde part has been written par me, Gwentrend24. This is a fanfiction written from Duncan’s point of view as he ventures in and out of the reality TV montrer world of Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars. Both bakes2389 and I are trying to make this story as accurate as possible, so without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy the story.

Part 2:

Total Drama World Tour, other wise know as the ‘brilliant’ name that Chris oh so strategically came up with, to entitle this year’s season of the...
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