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This is one of Tdifreak55's episode! It's so funny I just had to put it on here! If toi haven't watched the season! WATCH IT NOW!!! This is a little pervy like me but it's so funny! Okay, full credits to Madison aka Tdifreak55 <3
This takes place in TDI, when Gwen has already kissed Trent, and Duncan isn't with Courtney. I know they kissed before TxG, but it's a fan fic, mans.

(Duncan's P.O.V.)
This. Place. Sucks.
Nothing to do, stupid challenges, inedible food, disgusting cabins- Note to self: if toi sign up for a reality montrer ever again, make sure the host is not Chris McClean.
I guess it's not all bad. There's this girl Courtney who is SO into me. But she keeps denying it, and she says I'm "nice". I'm NOT nice. I told Geoff, "She's so annoying, but she's so hot." He keeps just blathering on about that Bridgette chick....
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Chris McLean
“Last time on Total Drama Island, ease droppers got caught-”
“Quiet Gwen I’m trying to run a montrer here. Like I was saying, ease droppers were caught, Sierra was crying, and there was something else Chef refused to tell me. ”

Courtney's POV
“What’s wrong?” I hand her a tissue. Man can she cry a lot.
“My Codykins isn’t here.”
“Wait he was here an heure ago.”
“Yah, but Tyler was trying to throw a foot ball AND IT HIT MY CODY!”
“Don’t worry Cody will be okay soon. I’m surprised you’re not in the infirmary par his side.” Sierra began...
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-----chapter 2-----
---Duncan's thoughts---
When Chris a dit that his part of the plane was off "LIMITS" then glared at me, I rolled my eyes then saw Gwen chuckle. I smiled and raised my brow at her, she smiled back and waved at me then Cortney snapped in my face and gave a glare at Gwen. Gwen just rolled her eyes at Cortney. So our first challenge is to go to Egypt ou somethin like that? Chris is making us sing in like every challenge but he should know that I don't sing AT ALL!!!!!! Under any circumstances!
---Gwen's thoughts---
Earlier when Duncan smiled at me it wasn't like a fake smile it was...
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with , Dncan, Brighette and Leshawna
Duncan: i got here as fast as i coould
Leshawna: ok fine but what is this i here about toi going to millatray school!
Duncan: i got in huge troible and my dad was super ticked off and he told me he was sending me there
Brighette: do toi know for how long
Duncan: i don't know
Brighette: just try to make him not let toi go
Duncan: hava toi meat my dad!
Leshawna: just aleast try
Duncan: ok i will... wears Gwen
Leshawna: in the other room
Duncan: ok *goes in the other room*
with Duncan and Gwen
Duncan: Gwen are toi ok
Gwen: not really...
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Scene opens up montrer Chris standing in front of the tour bus. In the background is the Golden Gate Bridge with many cars speeding to and fro on it. “Last time on Total Drama Road Trip. The 12 contestants got to arrive and explore the bus that will undoubtedly cause them all the suffering in the course of the season.” Scene shows them all getting chased into the bus par the bulldozer and Morgyn getting crushed par the walls closing in. “The teams were made, some getting along far plus than others.” Scene shows The Tumbling Weeds all arguing with one another. “Well, all in all, I can...
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Gwen was talking with Trent about their relationship.Trent asked Gwen:
-When do toi think that we will do the wedding?
-Uhm...Trent...Isn't it too early?
-Not for me!I want to marry you!
-I don't want now.
-Because I a dit once that we are too young.We're 16!
-I don't care!
-Are toi insulting me?
-No, but...
-No buts!
-Do not tell me what to say ou what not to say!
Trent slapped Gwen.Gwen started to cry.
-Aww!Do not cry, dear!
Then he pushed Gwen.She started to cry harder.
-Stop treating me so!Gwen said.I am not bad to you!I just a dit that we're too young!
-You liar!You don't...
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(this ones short but it kinda get everything out of the way, and has DxGness! :D Soooo enjoy!)

The last part of the challenge was to make commercials for some kind of... er... I think it was candy. All I know is that we won, and Team Victory. From what Bridgette told me, it's either going to be Harold ou DJ. I can't say for sure though.

During dinner, I was looking for Duncan. He was sitting alone, mainly because Courtney was too busy arguing with Heather about who team leader was. Why didn't I see him before? I walked over to him and sat suivant to him.

"Weren't toi going to tell me who toi were...
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