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Gwen is the mysterious goth girl of Total Drama Island. She is one of the plus populaire characters, and she is my favori right suivant to Bridgette. They are both #1 in my opinion. They are also BFFs. But this article is about Gwen so lets carry on. Gwen has a huge cruch on Trent, and he likes her back. However, when Heather tricks Trent into s’embrasser her in front of Gwen, their relationship is strained. LeShawna spread teh word about Trent and Heather to vote off Heather. Heather wins invincibilaty so everyone votes off Trent, only to find out that Heather had played them. At accueil Gwen is known for putting beef lingots, lingot, bullion cubes in the town pool with her brother. She likes spending time alone with her sjetch pad, and dislikes following trends. She wants to win TDI because the money would really m ake it easier for her mom. She actualy regrets auditioning for TDI because she did it on a dare to humor her brother and she never thought that she would make it into Total Drama Island.
My friend, Nathan, is obsessed with Gwen.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard he was upset about her getting voted off on episode 16. He was crying almost the whole time in gym class! He was screaming "GWEEEEEN!GWEEEEEEEEEN!"

He is also obsessed with her and Duncan as a couple, toi can tell par the pictures he drew. Sometimes I tease him par saying " Nathan and Gwen, sitting in a tree...". Another thing I do to tease him is write "Gwen is Gone!" on a piece of paper, and he loses control of himself.

Today I made a promise to him. I told him I'd print out a bunch of pictures of her, and give it to him at school tomorrow. I didn't save the picture, so I can't montrer toi guys what it looks like, so yeah. But I can tell toi that he'll be really happy with it.
posted by Rida103
This was written for TDI Duncan so if toi dont know why i put it up on Gwen thats why.
Duncan and Gwen arrive at Coutney's house

"Courtney what's wrong?"
"In the backyard."
They run around back
"There's nothing here but a sleeping bag and three of my favori shirts"
Slam! Courtney slams the door leaving them out back
Duncan starts to bang on the door
"Courtney let me in!"
"You could sleep at my house Duncan."
They arrive at Gwen's house

"Nice crib"
"Thanks. Oh, I have a dog are toi ok with dogs?"
"what kind?"
"A chiuaua."
"No he's a Rotwieller"
"Ok cool"
Back at courtney's...
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