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posted by keturahk
thank toi oh creator of this club whomever toi may be for giving us the chance to bask in mori's ultimate strength and hotness >.< but really i am glad someone made this club for a seriously under appreciated member of the host club >:O i mean really think about the host club with out mori for a second..... *thinks about it* TERRIFYING!!! mori is the vanilla in French pain grillé and cake. its just a small amount but it makes a world of difference. and thats why we l’amour him. l’amour THE MORI!!! >.< l’amour him. it really kinda annoys me how people constantly remind me how he only has a few lines in the whole anime/manga. i know -.-. HE IS THE SEXY QUITE BROODING TYPE OK LEAVE HIM ALONE. >.< lol