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posted by gyrothehedgehog
                1-the first encounter
My eyes opened a crack and I yawned. As usual, I had been asleep in my lit after a jour with my boyfriend. We had been making out for a while, in his car, then he dropped me off at accueil when we were done. I still remembered his soft lips against my own, his loose grip on my back. He had been to..good. With a sigh, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and hauled myself from bed. My leg felt stiff, since I had slept on it wrong. I flicked my tail and looked at my collar. The cloche, bell jingled...
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posted by gyrothehedgehog
I opened my eyes yet again. This time, I did not have the comfort of knowing where I was. All I knew was that my collier was attached to something par the means of a leash, and that my hands were bound behind my back with rope. Whenever I tried to get my hands free, the rope dug into my wrists. After giving up, I looked around.
It appeared that my collier was bound to a large stake, and that I was now clad in a maid outfit. “Looks like the Sleeping Beauty finally woke up.” The hedgehog was back, and this time wearing a sneer. He knew that I was helpless against him in this position, and he...
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posted by Sunnythewolf09
Note:ok this is soulXjustice wich is the banner for this spot and u can find justice in the sonic fabcharacter and soul same :3 justice is the blue on and soul is the black one :3

one night justice was running with a black and red bag holding something inside a bunch of people were after him im thinking its becuz of the thing in his bag

as soon as he Lost them he stoped at a creepy place but didnt care cuz he was so tired he pasted out rite there where he was standing

all he seen was a black figure then went black

the suivant morning he woke up in a big...
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