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'Supernatural's' shocking return: Five reasons to watch 'Like a Virgin'


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TeeFly said:
Must try and resist. Must not click the button. Must not...*click*


So I totally clicked (never could resist the temptation of a spoiler) and I don't regret it at all. This just made me all kinds of excited about the new episode. It promises EVERYTHING I love about Supernatural all tied together in an action packed, dragon filled, virgin saving, SAMMY's back hour!

And ohhhh Supernatural from seasons past, my old friend, come let's get comfy again ;) Also Dean/Sam on the SAME PAGE, being honest with each other! My Winchester loving heart is LEAPING for JOY right now! And Cas is in it for more than one scene (mini-celebration), and actually helps our boys...ahhh the intrigue. I think I'll stop typing now, but just so you know my mind is now racing with endless questions and is so beyond excited that I wish I was an angel and could "bend time" 2 days in the future so I could see it TONIGHT! *end rant*
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