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uper Junior’s leader Leeteuk was recently raised some concerns amongst fans after it was revealed that he was hospitalized for exhaustion.

On the morning of May 8th, the idol tweeted, “Exhaustion.. I’m at the hospital getting an IV treatment.”

Super Junior completed their concert in Vietnam before returning to Korea on the 8th. After suffering severe fatigue, Leeteuk was taken to the hospital. He’s currently receiving IV treatments and is getting an ample amount of rest.

Through étoile, star News, representatives of SM Entertainment stated, “Leeteuk is staying at the hospital for his recovery. Should there be nothing else wrong, he will be discharged and returning to his dorm to rest.”

Netizens commented, “Please rest,” and “Work is important, but so is your health.”
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk revealed a picture of his new haircut to his fans on Twitter.

On January 26th, Eunhyuk updated his Twitter with this photo and wrote, “Now that I cut my hair, I sweat less. I should’ve done this a long time ago!”

The picture of him shows a brand new Eunhyuk with his hair moussed skyward, and it looks like he’s feeling pretty confident about his new do.

He wrote, “I don’t get to have my hair flip around when I dance, which looks cool, but this isn’t bad!”

Netizens wrote, “He looks so much better looking now that he’s montrer his forehead,” “I never knew he was so good looking,” and “He looks like Jang Woo Hyuk of H.O.T”.

What do toi guys think, of my oppa's new look?
I am écriture this bcoz I really miss kang in opa and I want opa and elf to know my feelings about opa.He is not the one I like first in the group,to admit. But he's the one I l’amour first in suju.He has wonderful voice which is different from others . He has the ability that can make others laugh , relax and happy.He is not the one who is loved par everyone and he was talked bad things par media,some people and the others. However , he faces all of this bcoz he gets energy from his fans and members.Even he's not the most famous in suju,he is famous and loved par elf,I think.He can also act well even if not as perfect as some artisis like kim myung min,rain,etc. But he will become like them and bacome plus famous after his military life. Please give l’amour our young woon opa......SARANHAE,OPA!
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I don't know if each of SuJu's fans knows about this. So, I've decide to share about it.

As an information, Korea's Ministry of culture, sports and tourism was serious when they stated that they were in full support of spreading K-pop and Korea to the world! Since the statement was made, the ministry had done a lot of things in order to achieve their goal.

One of it is the release of the Seoul Song. What makes this song interesting is the singers are SuJu and SNSD and the MV is just like a l’amour story in one of beautiful cities in the world, Seoul. So, I guess it can be called as their latest song.
A Chinese media site previously reported that Hankyung had problems with SNSD, but now another Chinese media site has caught on and defamed the article as the work of antis.

According to the new post, it looks like it was all a classic play of out of context quotes.

The original article pointed out a lot of situations that had arisen between SNSD and Hankyung, but every one of those situations was refuted and disproved.


The précédant article was just the work of antis trying to frame SNSD. The original article was posté on a Chinese fan site and a shady media source...
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A few days il y a we reported that 2AM's Jo Kwon, Super Junior's Sungmin, SHINee's Jonghyun, along with blind aspiring singer Kim Ji Ho were going to sing together as the "Christmas Boys" on December 19th edition of étoile, star King.

Well, it's December 19th and the montrer aired. They sang My l’amour and they all sang it very well. Usually the bits on étoile, star King are funny but this one was very emotional. Kim Jo Ho is an excellent singer and I wish him much success. Check out the Christmas Boys chant together:

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch…”

Ok, so he’s not dressed up in furry green, but it’s looking like Super Junior’s Heechul is woefully lacking in the Christmas spirit department.

On December 22nd, Heechul posté a picture of himself with three of his fellow members, who were posing quite “merrily” suivant to a gigantic Santa teddy bear.

In the picture, all four of the Super Junior members are dressed in suits, with Heechul and Yesung in black, and Ryeowook and Kyuhyun in white.

Maybe it’s because of their suit color, but the two men in white seem to have brighter facial expressions...
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Last night was the musique Bank an end special, and tonight it is musique Core's turn. Not to be outdone, musique Core had an equally impressive line up of performances. For their an end special, musique Core went with a emballage, wrap up of what made 2009 a memorable year. The line up included artists such as 2PM, SNSD, Super Junior, 4minute, After School, Kara and many others!

Sorry Sorry: link

Gee: link

Genie: link

I Hate You: link

Heartbeat: link

Mystery: link

Bad Girl: link

Honey: link

After School
Because of You: link

Diva: link

Ring Ding Dong: link

Get Down: link

Abracadabra: link

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 Super Junior and SNSD in Grand Opening
Super Junior and SNSD in Grand Opening
On November 25th, members of Super Junior and Girls' Generation / SNSD were in attendance for the grand opening of a SPAO store in the Myeongdong district of Seoul. Myeongdong is a major shopping district in Seoul and features a lot of mid to higher end retail stores.

SPAO was launched par E-land Group back in July and SM Entertainment has a stake in the newly found apparel company, hence the endorsement from both Super Junior and SNSD. Check out some of the photos and video below and also check out their past photo shoots for SPAO.


 SNSD Poster
SNSD Poster
The name ‘Super Junior’ is not only ours now. As the Leader of K-pop, they’re gaining fandoms not only in Asia but also in the US, Europe, Latin America, Australia, etc. Instead of the ‘untouchable superstar’ image, their familiar and natural charms are plus dominant. The average age of the members are now 27 years old. They have dramatically transformed from some cute younger boys, to some warm oppa(s). The culture of South Korea will be incomplete without the presence of their talent and charms in radio, musical, movie, ou drama. We had the chance to work with Donghae from Super...
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The boys of Super Junior-M recently appeared on Wan Quan Yu Le on Complete Entertainment. On the program the boys had a lot of fun. toi can see Dong Hae giving dance lesson's to Super Girl. The guys also play a game where the loser drinks amer thé and the winner gets some soup, however it seems the punishment isn't too amer as some of the guys actually enjoy the amer tea. Henry Plays the violin as well.

Check out their antics below and thanks to GoP-Demon for the tip.

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After leaving a cryptic, ou rather, a blatantly obvious message in favor of SM Entertainment over the shocking Hankyung ordeal, Kyuhyun has shut down his Cyworld minihompy.

Although Kyuhyun's message was correct for the most part (there's a reason why it's a populaire saying), we can only assume he has received a massive amount of hate and criticism from Super Junior faithfuls (E.L.F), for leaving a message in support of SM.

With that said, his minihompy is now shut down and a simple message has been left behind.

옳은 길로 가길 바라는
마음이었을 뿐인데..


Taking the...
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haut, retour au début 20 best selling Korean idol all the time (global)
全时段最佳销售韩国艾豆 Top20 (全球)

1. TVXQ - 11,152,585
2. Girls' Generation - 4,153,539
3. KARA - 3,718,163
4. Big Bang - 2,972,500
5. Super Junior - 2,607,508
6. SHINee - 1,389,182
7. 2PM - 1,092,124
8. CNBLUE - 1,005,303
9. JYJ - 923,016
10. BEAST - 797,287
11. FT Island - 775,104
12. T-ARA - 770,258
13. 2NE1 - 553,516
14. Infinite - 540,642
15. MBLAQ - 331,027
16. 2AM - 267,265
17. B1A4 - 263,547
18. F(x) - 261,466
19. Exo - 238,276 ♥
20. 4Minute - 226,700
When the Scandal regarding Super Junior member Hankyung's request to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment broke out recently, the Korean and Chinese media immediately began scrambling to dig deeper into this issue and read between the lines. recently held a vote to see how E.L.F members were taking the situation; an overwhelming number of people speculate that this is SME's attempt to create a succès de scandale to raise sales for Super Junior's upcoming concert.

According to the poll, approximately 80% of the fans believed that SM Entertainment had created this controversy...
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hi my name is jessica and i would share a story. may u enjoy this.

"leeteuk" doa
Tuhan, di dalamku aku menyebut nama tukang bau telur itu. aku bertemu dgnnya di gereja. betapa berkatMu untukku. aku jatuh cinta padanya namun aku tdk jg kunjung menyatakannya. lengkaplah sudah confiture dinding dorm kami Tuhan. amin

"heechul" doa
Tuhan, si kek itu membenci aku tetapi aku malah penasaran sangat sama dia. lengkaplah confiture dinding dorm kami dgn kedatangan si khek itu. apakah aku? mengapa aku yang terpilih? ok aku disguise lagi jadi perempuan dan pergi ke seluruh tempat ibadah agar dia jangan membenciku

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Please help Super Junior to receive the honour of having Korean url par voting!!!!

All toi have to do is go to this link link

Click on 슈퍼주니어

Click YES. Thats one vote.

One IP address can vote ONCE a day.

QUOTE “If toi have a dynamic IP address (which means that u can change your IP address par turning off your Internet connection then turning it on again) toi can vote plus than once a day. Also apparently your votes are doubled if toi also view SJ’s video from the link donné in the poll” - Credits to BaOgui & MissHeeZee

Link to the video is supposed to be this link but its not working for me :/

Voting ends June 8th.
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 Eunhyuk SuJu
Eunhyuk SuJu
As we all know (I hope), one of SuJu's members, Eunhyuk, joined a team called 'Dream Team' in a game show; Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2. I've seen several episodes, and it's very interesting. But the one that broadcasted today (9 Dec) at KBS World had shocked me. It's because at the end of the show, Eunhyuk cried!

Let me explain what happened before the incident. In the show, the 'Dream Team' must fight against 'Stunt Actors Team' in a game challenge. If I'm not mistaken, there were about 11 rounds before the final round and Eunhyuk was the only one from Dream Team who managed to proceed to...
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On this week's episode of Strong Heart, the guest-starring célébrités shared a few l’amour stories and some heartbreaking tales. Super Junior's Leeteuk shared some of this as well.

He started, "My l’amour story... That reminds me of a time, around 3 years ago, when I was really heartbroken. After I debuted, I needed to be extra responsible since I'm the leader. I even had to check my own feelings and get it approved before I could fall in love. But one day, around three years ago, I saw a woman passing par while I was heading off to complete the things on my schedule, and she literally shining. That...
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SM Entertainment has been plagued with Scandal after Scandal this year.

With the récent rapporter from claiming that SNSD members were a main factor for Hankyung wanting to leave Super Junior, SM Entertainment has released an official statement that the rapporter was completely fabricated.

On the 27th, SM Entertainment stated:

"The reports regarding SNSD are completely false. It's extremely disappointing and upsetting that such a rapporter would surface between the members of our own family."

In regards to Hankyung's absence on the December 26th an end MBC musique Core special:

"Hankyung is currently in China, most likely it will be difficult for him to attend an end shows."

Stay tuned for plus developments on Hankyung vs. SM Entertainment.
 Handwritten letter par Teuk that is uploaded into the official Super Junior board on November 23rd
Handwritten letter by Teuk that is uploaded into the official Super Junior board on November 23rd
To. My lovely Fans! My everything is in the ELF’s two eyes…

I’m Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk!! Ah… I’m the 85th recruit, Park Jung Soo right now!! How are all of you? I’ve gone past Euijungboo and I’m now at the White Horse RTC (Recruit Training center) and having a good time with fellow soldiers that are 10, 11 years younger than me!

I’ve gone from being Super Junior’s leader to now being the leader in my squadron as a recruit. Even here, I’m feeling a lot of popularity. ^^

Before I came here, I was really nervous and scared, but now that I’m actually here I’ve...
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