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Steven Universe Question

Do toi have a favori S.U HUMAN? If so, who..?

Mine is Defiantly, THIS CUTIE!!!--- <33

___Jamie the Mailman but also an actor!!!___

I l’amour him so much!

Pretty unhealthy if toi ask me..? ....Heck, I say that about all the characters I obsess over-

I know he's a supporting character, but I JUST LOOOVE him!!

He's sweet, kind, and super cool with those shades he wears often <33

It doesn't have to be Steven!- He's the main character, but it doesn't have to be!! I mean, look at my answer XD
 Do toi have a favori S.U HUMAN? If so, who..?
 SmolKitten posted il y a plus d’un an
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chipetteluver1 said:
I have to go with Connie on this one. I just l’amour her relationship with Steven. Without her, there'd be no Stevonnie as well, and that's one of my all time favori fusions!
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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