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My haut, retour au début Ten Most Depressing “STAR TREK VOYAGER” Episodes

Below is a liste of what I believe to be the haut, retour au début ten (10) most depressing ou darkest ”STAR TREK VOYAGER” episodes:

1.    ”Memorial” - Chakotay, Tom Paris, Harry Kim, and Neelix begin to experience strange visions after an away mission. Voyager’s crew discover that the four had earlier encounter a war memorial that convey memories of a past military massacre. (Season 6)

2.    ”Course: Oblivion” - After B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris get married, subspace radiation causes the crew and...
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I might as well be honest. I wish I could be objective about the ”STAR TREK VOYAGER” Season Three episode, (3.24) ”Displaced”. But I cannot. My feelings for this episode are too strong. Let me explain.

Lisa Klink wrote the teleplay for this episode about Voyager’s crew members being replaced, one-by-one, with aliens from an unknown race. While arguing over a Klingon workout program that Chief Helmsman Tom Paris had created for the Holodeck, the pilot and Voyager’s Chief Engineer, B’ElannaTorres, are interrupted par a strange alien...
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For the past two decades, I have never encountered so much criticism of one particular étoile, star Trek montrer than I have for the 1995-2001 series, "STAR TREK VOYAGER".

Ironically, I used to buy this negative opinion. ou accept it. One of the reasons I had ignored "STAR TREK VOYAGER" for so many years, because I had assumed that those fans who had deemed it inferior to the other shows in the franchise were right. When my sister found out that the rest of our family was ignoring the show, she fervently suggested that we watch it. This happened when the early...
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"STAR TREK VOYAGER" - Unfit For Command?

Do many étoile, star TREK fans consider most Vulcan characters unfit for command? I wonder. I came across this "STAR TREK VOYAGER" fan fiction story about the letters written to the Alpha Quadrant par Voyager’s crew in the Season 1 episode, "Eye of the Needle". The auteur of this particular fan fiction story seemed to believe that because of their emotional distance, Vulcans are basically unfit for command. Personally, I disagree.

This belief that Vulcans were unfit for command certainly seemed supported par Lisa Klink’s screenplay for the Season 2 episode,...
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Below is a liste of my ten (10) favori episodes from the télévision series, "STAR TREK VOYAGER" (1995-2001):


1. (5.12) "Bride of Chaotica" - Tom Paris' latest holodeck adventure, "The Adventures of Captain Proton", takes an unexpected turn when Voyager encounters an area in l’espace that is accueil to photonic extra-dimensional aliens. My favori TREK episode of all time.

2. (3.16) "Blood Fever" - After deciding that B'Elanna Torres would be the perfect mate, Ensign Vorik passes on his case of Pon Farr to her, which leads to problems during an...
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"STAR TREK VOYAGER" RETROSPECTIVE: (5.12 “Bride of Chaotica!”)

One of the aspects of ”STAR TREK VOYAGER” that I have truly enjoyed over the other ”TREK” shows were the holoprograms featured ou the episodes centered in the two Holodecks. One such holo program was ”The Adventures of Captain Proton” stories created par Voyager’s Chief Pilot, Tom Paris. Captain Proton was featured in at least four episodes – three in Season Five and one in Season Seven. But without a doubt, my favori happened to be the third Proton story titled, (5.12) ”Bride of Chaotica!”.

In short, ”Bride...
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This two-part episode of ”STAR TREK VOYAGER” centered around the Voyager crew’s attempt to save Borg drones who are trying to develop individuality. (6.26) “Unimatrix Zero, Part I” aired at the end of the series’ sixth season and (7.01) “Part II” aired as the premiere for the series’ seventh and final season.

When Seven-of-Nine began having dreams about a beautiful forest, she eventually discovered that the forest is a real subconscious realm inhabited par the minds of certain Borg drones during regeneration...
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"STAR TREK VOYAGER" RETROSPECT: (4.08-4.09) "The an of Hell"

While lire some of the TREK forums and message boards over the years, I have noticed that many fans seemed to harbor mixed vues of the "STAR TREK VOYAGER" Season Four two-part episode called (4.08-4.09) "The an of Hell".

"The an of Hell" began with the U.S.S. Voyager entering Krenim space, the same region of l’espace that the former Ocampan crewman, Kes, had warned about in the Season Three episode called (3.21) "Before and After". Only Kes' description of Krenim l’espace was set in an alternate timeline in which a very powerful...
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"STAR TREK VOYAGER" RETROSPECT: (5.08) "Nothing Human"

I came across an old episode of "STAR TREK VOYAGER" that I have not seen in a long time. It is a Season Five episode called (5.08) "Nothing Human". And I must say that without a doubt, it is one of the most ambiguous TREK episodes I have ever seen.

In the episode, Voyager's crew found a stranded vessel with a wounded alien on board. Once the creature is beamed to Sickbay, Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres discovered that it uses biochemical secretions to give commands. Unfortunately, the alien attacked Torres, puncturing her neck and secreting...
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I have never been a fan of "STAR TREK VOYAGER"’s Season Six. It is my seconde least favori season of the series, following Season One. But I am not here to discuss the sixth season. Instead, I want to discuss one of the season’s episode – namely (6.14) "Memorial". Despite being part of a mediocre season, I consider this episode to be one of the series’ best.

"Memorial" is an excellent episode that seemed to be – at least in my opinion – misunderstood par many Trek fans. In this tense story, Chakotay, Tom Paris, Harry Kim and Neelix...
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"STAR TREK VOYAGER" RETROSPECT - (4.23) "Living Witness"

The STAR TREK franchise has aired a good number of episodes featuring the "Mirror Universe" - an existence in which the Federation is solely a Human-controlled, fascist empire. This universe was first introduced in the "STAR TREK" Season Two episode, (2.04) "Mirror, Mirror". The "Mirror Universe was also featured in several "STAR TREK DEEP l’espace NINE" episodes and most memorably in an "ENTERPRISE" episode called (4.18-4.19) "In a Mirror Darkly".

There have been parallel universe episodes featured in both "STAR TREK: suivant GENERATION" and...
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"STAR TREK VOYAGER" RETROSPECTIVE: (3.25) "Worst Case Scenario"

Some time ago, I had posté a liste of my haut, retour au début ten favori episodes of "STAR TREK VOYAGER" (1995-2001). After re-examining my list, I was surprised to discover that the Season Three episode, (3.25) "Worst Case Scenario" was not on it.

In this penultimate episode of Season Three, B'Elanna Torres discovers a Holodeck program in which Commander Chakotay and the former Maquis crewmen stage a mutiny against Captain Janeway and the rest of Voyager's crew. Torres' participation in the program is interrupted par Tom Paris, who reminds her...
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”STAR TREK VOYAGER: ‘The Art of Adaptability’”

Over six months ago, I had posté an article called "STAR TREK VOYAGER" - Unfit For Command?. In it, I had expressed my displeasure over the portrayal of Security/Tactical Officer Tuvok in the ”STAR TREK VOYAGER” Season Two episode, (2.25) "Resolutions". After viewing the episode for the umpteenth time, yesterday, I decided to focus upon another member of the Voyager crew, Ensign Harry Kim.

In the article about Tuvok, I had pointed out that screenwriter Lisa Klink had managed to regress and completely misinterpret the Vulcan’s character...
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When I first saw (5.21) "Juggernaut", I did not like it. Not at all. Who could like an episode in which one of the characters indulges in a temper tantrum throughout the entire story, while stuck in some l’espace vessel leaking from radiation?

Mind you, I had been new to "STAR TREK VOYAGER", when "Juggernaut" first aired. It was the third ou fourth episode of the series I had ever seen. After seeing it for a seconde time, I had revised my opinion of the episode. I still do not consider it as a favori "VOYAGER" episode of mine. But I thought it...
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I wrote and produced a web series pilot on Funny ou Die that stars Robert Picardo and Tim Russ. It's called Chad and the Alien Toupee. Please look it over and spread the word.


Thanks! I really appreciate it.
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Many ”STAR TREK” fans have claimed that the lead character of ”STAR TREK VOYAGER” lead character, Captain Kathryn Janeway, barely developed as a character during the series’ seven (7) season run. After watching the Season Two episode, (2.14) "Alliances”, I see that I could never agree with those critics of Janeway’s character. The Season Two Kathryn Janeway featured in this episode struck me as a far cry from the Janeway that finally returned to Earth in the series finale, (7.25-7.26) “Endgame”...
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"STAR TREK VOYAGER" RETROSPECT: (3.26-4.01) "Scorpion"

After three seasons, the series "STAR TREK VOYAGER" entered into a new era with the two-part episode, (3.26-4.01) "Scorpion". In "Scorpion", the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager finally reaches Borg l’espace after three seasons - an event that would serve as a turning point for the series.

Aired at the end of Season Three and the beginning of Season Four, "Scorpion" finds the Voyager entering Borg space. To the crew's surprise, they discover that the Borg is engaged in a major conflict with another alien race called Species 8472. An even plus discovery...
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posted by eyeofpolyphemus
The Doctor made a commentaire to Janeway in the penultimate episode "Renaissance Man" that he had made a liste of her ethically questionable decisions during their time in the Delta Quadrant. I thought it might be fun to compile one myself.

01. Stranded Voyager in the Delta Quadrant when there were other, plus logical options available.

02. Opted to not inform the inhabitants of a planet their experiment with poliac energy would desolate their world.

03. Released two organ stealing Vidiians after they took Neelix’s lungs without any punishment, thereby allowing them to continue harvesting the organs...
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