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posted by huddyforever
I already posté this on another spot so if it's a little weird that I'm posting on two spott...just be like yo!!! and yeah. XDDD So I'm going to go now...Haha enjoy:)))

Chapter 1


It was 8 and Lisa was elated while waiting for her Friends to burst through the door at any minute so they could go and celebrate. Her cell phone rang and she picked it up. “Hello?” “Hey hun it’s Julie.” “Jules! Happy birthday!” Lisa was confused on why she was calling and not in front of her right now. “Thanks! How’s it going?” “Uh fine. Why? Uh oh. What’s the bad news?” Lisa new...
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What plus should I say?
Hugh Laurie
angry squirrels
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posted by Lisaddict
Hi Dear Squirrels
*insert an evil soundtrack here*

This is a sin, yeah deeply but some crazies *coughs*
created a Huli RPG on Twitter and..dundundundun this is AWESOME.

[/!\ sex content - angry écureuil poses - and bitchy KJ /!\]

Lisa : link
Hugh : link
Jo : link
RSL : link
GY ( eh eh even the real GY wanted to follow his fake ) : link
KJ : link
DS : link
Bonnie ( freaking ) E : link

Have fun,Sin well (=C
posted by tabbyhearts
Admission – part three of the link/link story group

- - -

She was scared … and it was obvious to everyone in the room when she stepped into the light, the overhead glow catching the sterling silver bracelet on her wrist. Along with the bracelet, a light caught the small beads on the corsage of her dress. Her silver heels clicked faintly on the cement walk, and she gave a nervous smile as her eyes searched the crowd.

“Lisa,” a voice made her jump slightly, and Lisa turned her head, her eyes connecting with the piercing blue eyes of her coworker. She gave a quiet laugh and took a step back,...
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posted by tabbyhearts
AN: salut guys! First fanfic on the écureuil Spot! Anyways, here we go - first Huli fanfic!


She was as guilty as hell and she knew it.

Had falling in l’amour been a crime, she'd be in jail for life and the afterlife. Lisa never really meant to fall, she never wanted to.

Wait. No. Back up.

What the hell was she saying. Everyone wanted to fall in l’amour with Hugh Laurie. How could they not? He was a British actor with great talent and a sense of humor.

But this was worse. It was considered unprofessional to fall in l’amour with a coworker. Forget them being married ou not. It just wasn't something...
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posted by sheis1963
Ever wondered what your internet Friends thought about you? Yes? Well look at that, this is your lucky day! :D
Your good friend Armanda (@Armandda), your smexy friend Laura (@lilmonstercuddy) and I (@Sheis1963) prepared this little surprise for toi ;)
Take a look:

So, we logged in on Twitter and asked some people the following questions:

1. When did toi first start talking to her?
2. What's the first thing toi noticed about her?
3. What do toi think about Sissi?
4. What's so likable about her?
5. Now write your wish.

And here are the answers...

Huddy832's answers

1. I first talked to Sissi the day...
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posted by tabbyhearts
AN: This is a bit of a companion piece to “Guilt” (link) but can also be read as a stand-alone.
- - -


He kept his eyes glued to the ceiling, focused on the the fading white paint, ignoring the chatter of the city that could be heard from the open window. The sheets covered the lover half of his body, his bare chest exposed in the heat; and he shifted slightly, the woman besides him stirring. Looking over at her, he leaned closer to her face, just enough to let his lips brush her forehead, blue orbs met an exhausted pair of gray ones.

The woman besides him shifted closer into...
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