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This was my favourite flick as a kid as I was a fan of Looney Tunes as they are hilarious and entertaining. Micheal Jordan stars in this as himself who goes into a golf course hole and ends up in the Looney tune world where he meets all the looney tunes as they help him with his basketball, basket-ball as he wanted to finish doing basketball, basket-ball and he wanted to do baseball instead but as the looney tunes tell him that the aliens want to play basketball, basket-ball and they steal the famous basketball, basket-ball players talents in Micheal Jordan's world. Also features Bill Murray, Danny DeVito,and the NBA players that played with Micheal Jordan when he did basketball:Jeff Malone, Alonzo Mourning, and Sharone Wright and TV commentators Jim Rome and Ahmad Rashad.

A great flick from the Looney Tunes