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Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater. I do own the plot.

Author's note: This chapter doesn't really involve any of the plot mentioned in the summary; however, it does introduce two important characters. Also, this serves as a "testing the water," before I get into the main work.

Chapter 1: Enter Jason Sev and Rachel Cross

"Name's Jason Sev, meister. toi have probably heard of me, haut, retour au début of the N.O.T. class at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Prepare yourself for my awesomeness, Notre Dame the hunchback." Jason Sev was taller than the average person. He had blue eyes, brown hair and a confident look...
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T'was How I (awesomely) Saved Christmas.

By Black*Star (the man who surpasses God.)

T'was the night before Christmas

Dead Silence filled the City.

Not a creature was stirring not even was Mizune.

The stockings were hung par the chim'ney with care,

New shades for soul and three tiny poisson for Blair.

Kid was nestled all snug in his bed.

While visions of symmetry danced in his head.

While Tsubaki in her kimono, and I in my casquette, cap had just settled down for a long winter's nap.

While up on the roof there came aloud SSNNOOOK!

So up I went to beat the crap outta that crook.

I sprang from the window with Tsubaki in...
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After passing through the magnetic field, Kasey entered a new world. The area was warm and various rainforest plants stood and bloomed all around. This became awkward for him as he couldn’t understand why he would end up on an unknown island when blizzards were beyond the magnetic field. He didn’t have time to think as time was wasting. Because the climate changed, he knew that staying as a mammoth wasn’t wise and decided to turn into something that was not only little but particle for his surroundings. Thinking for a while, he decided to turn into a Bengal Tiger and made his way into...
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So toi may think that fairytales and stories that seem so impossible are fake, right. You'd be wrong, though. Just yesterday, Victoria and her team were called out to Sleepy Hollow to defeat the Headless Horseman. It must've been pretty bad for Lord Death to send them all the way out there, out of town. Apparently, he had been terrorizing his hometown, reaping the heads of innocent people, for no reason known. So the team set out to do their orders. Until they found a lead, they all stayed in a huge farmhouse, right par the blé, maïs field that the Headless Horseman is a dit to come out of. It was...
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keep on going I keep on running I will not stop not now I will not end not now
keep on going I keep on going get out my way now yeah get out my way now
I am gonna go my way ou nothing man's gotta beat the jour and make himself the jour yeah
(hey yo)I am gonna go my way ou no way taking me higher taking toi higher
keep on running I keep on running I will not stop now I will not end now
keep on going I keep on going get out my way now get out my way now

drop haut, retour au début don't stop don't stop cruising the highway making it hot me and my partner grilling the spot touch any job man we got it locked
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Everyone was afraid there was a monster in their closet when they were younger. But if there really WAS one? Forget haunted houses, Victoria was about to deal with something totally different. There was a house on the edge of Death City, where a family lived. The father suddenly disappeared, and the family thinks its the work of this monster. Something unnatural. Since it was a smaller mission, Lord Death sent only Danny, Victoria, Tsubaki, and Black Star. It was a weird team up, and Victoria was sure it was just to see how well she could handle a mission with someone who.. could mess it all...
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(Ok, so this is my first oneshot. Soul and maka seem a bit OoC to me... Meh... I don't own Soul Eater ou Kindle.)

Maka was sitting on the couch, lire a book about resonating with your partners, when the front door burst open and Soul and Black*Star walked in, looking very smug about something.
She eyed them warily, not trusting their smug looks. “What did toi two do this time?”
Soul grinned at her. “We got toi something!”
Maka stared at them, still not trusting their smugness. “What is it?”
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I did not create this article. All credits goes to my friend :)

Soul Eater is an impressive anime. It's one of those where toi will no doubt enjoy watching

After watching some of the first episode you'll think Soul Eater will have your typical Shonen story. Basically, human weapons and their student technicians reside in Shibusen and have to collect 99 evil human souls and 1 witch soul, the reward being that the technician's weapon will transform into a Death Scythe.

It seems pretty formulaic, nothing toi haven't seen before. The way the first few episodes pan out will make this seem...
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Dear readers,
This is an fanfiction/rp for the amazing animé soul eater.
This fanfiction will be just like the animé just alittle different.
Please if toi have any ideas ou thoughts please share them I'd l’amour to see and read them.I may put them in the fanfic.
Well enough of that here's alittle about the characters.
The regular characters will be in the fanfic and toi can make an oc character for the fanfic/rp.I even made afew myself.
There will be couples in the fanfic.the couplesI've decided to put in are soulXmaka and tsubakiXmufune.
if toi want toi can make plus than just 1 oc character,you can make up to 3 oc characters.
To make an oc character(s) put his ou her
1-first and last name
2-their appearance(please include the eye and hair color)
3-their age
4-if their a mister ou weapon(please include their mister's name ou their weapons name)
5-do toi want them in a relationship with anyone(if yes than with who)
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Source: Bones Studio / Screencaps By: Me
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Source: Bones Studio / Screencaps By: Me
The Headless Horseman rode through the blé, maïs field, Victoria in a complete state of shock. She has been kidnapped. They rode for what seemed like only a few minutes before the horseman stopped outside the cornfield, inside the town's cemetery. Victoria climbed down, frowning. "Why'd toi bring me here?" She asked, watching him carefully. The horseman led his horse in front of a specific grave, and stopped. Victoria followed. "Your grave?" She guessed. The Headless Horseman nodded sadly. "So, what, is your head buried here ou something?" Victoria continues. He shook his head. "Just for memory..."...
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