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posted by sonicx2
I don't own sonic ou pokemon

While tails was creating a 6th grade dimension to get to the pokemon world sonic started to lock all windows and doors "you seem to make a lot of trouble so I am keeping toi inside" as he locked the door. "Mew!" It replied. Sonic thought for a seconde an then a dit "I think toi are called mew. It's all toi say" mew did a fighue 8 loop from happiness. "Tails are toi done yet!?" " Yep. toi may want to see me open it so we can get rid of it" sonic got there in a millisecond, holding on to mew. "Give me mew and I'll open it up!" Sonic gave mew to tails and he opened up the portal. "Here toi go. Go back to your world" a dit tails as he let mew though the portal.

(Warning no plus dimension warps toi just have to figure it out)
It turned out that the portal was right suivant to the party and everyone saw mew "wow" a dit misty "is that a pokemon on the other side" asked cilan. "There is only one way to find out as ash held his pokeball over his head

"What's he doing?" sonic comented on the boy and that ball of some sort. They saw him through the pokeball through the portal. It went spinning around until it hit sonic in the crouch (no capturing the heroes) "owwww god that hurts why did toi do that!!!" Sonic went on with his rant, rolling on the floor with tails trying to tell him something. When sonic stopped tails a dit "1. They can't here toi toi have to use this and 2. This ball made the portal unstable and it is going to explode on the group!" "Give me that" snatching the microphone out of this hand. He went and talked to the pokemon trainers about everything ash had done and they had to run...

Meanwhile... Team rocket were spying on the trainers about to attack when they saw them run. Jessie and James bought an arsenal of troops. "What are they running fro.." James voice was cut short to the explosion and thing were about to get crazy.

The explosion vaporised everything exept everyone else who got sucked into the portal into sonic dimension. Not the same but then everything went black.

Sonic and tails were watching as some of his stuff went into the portal when sonic finally a dit "I think they got away." But he was wrong. Soon everyone from pokemon (exept team rocket) at the party was in the lab "what the" both of them yelled out. They had problem to fix.

All done I hope toi enjoy and like the rest.