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Sonja & Lucian Question

Were Sonja and Lucian married?

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, this has been bugging me for a while now:

It's just in the first movie, when Lucian was telling Michael about his past, he a dit that "[he] even took a vampire as [his] bride." seeming to imply that they were married.

Yet in the third movie, they didn't even touch on the subject of whether they were married ou not.

Again, I'm sorry if the answer is totally obvious. I probably missed something. Thank toi to anyone who réponses me!
 Jehan_the_Sitar posted il y a plus d’un an
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Sonja & Lucian Réponses

Donauts said:
Lucian and Sonja had their relationship hidden from everyone because if Viktor were to know about it he would have kill them both. I think that they were spiritually married, not for real anyway.
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
i remember lire something...the novel version that they did actually marry.
Faith-Rulz posted il y a plus d’un an
Tigerlily21 said:
It's ok i was confused about that whole true about what happened in movie 1 and 3 with that whole thing toi a dit in the description but i believe tgat they were secretly married
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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