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One day...
Sonic was taking a walk, then suddenly he saw Shadow.
Sonic:Hiya, Shadow. (Smiles)
(Silver arrives)
Silver: O.O Sonic your stepping on a...
Shadow:(Whispers at Silver) Shut it!
Silver:Uh nothing (Smiles)
Sonic:Uh ok...i'll be going to Chris's house...
Shadow: Hmmph
(Sonic Arrives at Chris's House)
Chris: Eew! What is that smell?!
Sonic: I don't know...
(Knuckles saw something brownish under Sonic's Shoes)
Knuckles: Sonic...You stepped on something...
(Sonic looks under his shoes)
Sonic: Aaaah!!!!
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Source: I drew it
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one jour sonic,shadow was visiting silver.silver was
laying of his bed,itchen all over,sonic,shadow was
lauhing at silver.silver a dit what's so funny dude silver toi have the chicken pox silver.silver no
wonder i'm itching all over. i need someone to take
care of me.sonic a dit me,blaze,shadow will take care
of you.silver a dit thanks sonic a dit your welcome.
but toi can't scatch silver a dit awwww but i itchy sonic now go to sleep silver. silver a dit ok later blaze came to take care of silver and was a sleep.
blaze fell a sleep,sonic went in too silver room,he found blaze a sleep with silver,when shadow came into silver room,shadow a dit awwww that's so cute,shadow to a picture of silver,blaze sleeping togeter,silver,blaze woke up,silver a dit get out guys i trying to sleep sonic a dit i bount toi chicken soupe a week later silver was better agian
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