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posted by lighting1
Sonic add bin having dreams of is past wen he was little sonic was 4 mois old in the dreams he was in a test tub in a lab connect to a computer a voice a dit the project is a wake anther voice a dit he a baby n is name is sonic he is my son the voice my n who my u be im arim sonic mother I no I'm male but I'm sonic mother n this is sonic father kai arim look like shadow white with light blue quills like Goku ssj 4 blue eyes light blue they were light blue round is eyes light blue chest fourrure mark on is arms legs arim was ageless with immortality n kai look like sonic blue with back in is quills like vageta ssj 4 black round is green eyes sonic chest tummy marks on arms legs all so ageless with immortality sonic add a wake in the night he cud not sleep one bit not at hall way o way sonic a dit to himself why can I not sleep n why the same dream I have bin having for a mois now just then shadow sat up rubing the sleep out is eyes sonic u shud be a sleep u no l’amour I no but can't I bin having that dream again then again its plus like a memory of my past but why I'm sonic let's take later neabout this OK for now just try get back to sleep I try sonic a dit suivant sonic new it was 7 well I get up n take a douche then go for my run maybe go see tails with shadow sonic a dit just after sonic add is douche he went to the cuisine were shadow was having a cup of coffee ih shadow a dit with a smerk on is face what with the face shads sonic a dit to is boyfriend o that well I got time off from gun so I can spend plus time with u sonic blush at that n a dit aww any way let's go to tails place I race u there shadow smile your on just as they go to tails place it rain sonic shadow nice to see u both come in before u get a cold thanks they a dit onece in side they sat in tails lap so what av u too bin doing o bit not much sonic a dit as he blush looking at shadow n u shadow how as it bin the new commander of gun tails a dit its bin good I have bin busy most but I just take a about a mois off so I can be with sonic plus sounds good so any way tails a dit have u add plus of them dream sonic yeah sonic a dit for all most a mois mm tails a dit ?