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6:Parents are killed

8:Escapes from juvie and meets Justin and Zero jr.

12:finds and kills parent's murderer and meets older sister Storm

13:gets flame markings around eyes,gets kissed par Zero jr.

14:joins a warrior clan that travels across the globe

15:gets same assassin training her mom got

16:gets motorcycle,meets twin,Sage

17:Rescues Zero jr. from Alcatraz
18:Dies and is reborn par the power of the Phoenix
19:sees her mom (Alice) in her dreams
She's only 19
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At The hedgehog's house:
Magic:(reading a magazine)
Shadow:(watching Magic) (thinking) why does my cœur, coeur beat increase each time i see her? Is it because i l’amour her? I cant be this is so wrong. She's my sister.
Magic:(feeling her brother's confusion, she puts down magazine and looks at him with purple eyes) Shadow are toi ok?
Shadow:(blushing) yeah, im ok
Magic:(sees Shadow's blush and puts her hand on Shadow's forehead) your head is a little warm
Shadow:um Magic
Shadow:what does it mean when your cœur, coeur beats rapidly when toi see someone
Magic:(smiles and giggles) it means toi l’amour them silly...
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