Sonic Forever Which Sonic character (from any sonic show) do u hate the most?

Pick one:
Tails the renard
Knuckles the echidna
Amy Rose
Cosmo the seedrian
Galaxina the seedrian
Sally Acorn
Bunnie the bunny
Big the cat
Cream the rabbit
Tikal the echidna
Sonia the hedgehog
Manic the hedgehog
Queen Aleena
Earthia the seedrian
Vector the crocodile
Espio the chameleon
Charmy the bee
Dr.Robotnik (sonic adventure the movie)
Dr.Robotnik (Sonic Underground/Sonic the hedgehog)
Vanilla the rabbit
Cheese the chao
Silver the hedgehog
Julie-Su the echidna
Lara-Su the echidna
Rouge the bat
Blaze the cat
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shade the echidna
Honey the Cat
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The Iron Queen
Antoine D'colette
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