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flame: salut WATCH WERE toi feu THAT GUN!
???: calm down sonic it's me
flame: i'm not sonic my name is flame the hedehog
???: well my names darkness, darkness the wolf
flame:hello darkness why do toi have a gun
darkness: my brother shadow gave it to me
flame: SHADOW but why did toi call me sonic
darkness: *unsheathing her claws and growling*
flame: calm down darkness
darkness: i'm after him he killed shadow
flame: HE DID WHAT!
darkness: i'm going to...KILL HIM
*blaze runs to flame scared and hurt*
flame:blaze what happed tell me
blaze:sonic attacked me
darkness: i'll heal you
flame: get away from my girlfriend *turns super flame form*

what will happen suivant find out in part 2
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 Bethany 2016
Bethany 2016
Full Name: Bethany Khristine Schneider

Nicknames: Beth, Nynegen

Age: Around 13 to 14

Personality: Tripolar? Is that a word?! Chill and lazy,
Funny and outgoing, then impatient and bitchy the next.

Themes to describe her: sans., Lucky Strike, Fuck it all

Habits: Coughing unnecessarily, biting, sighing, laying on people, dabbing, swearing (A lot of swearing.), and Hamilton references. ("Stop drinking." "I am not throwing away my shot!")

Appearance: Purple fourrure with white paws and tail tip, black and white ears, chocolat brown hair and eyes. (New design)

Clothing: Red GAP hoodie, black pants,...
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