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Okay, so I found this template ( ou set of guidelines if toi will) and wanted to share it with toi guys. Also, each guideline will carry a description of what it's really asking.

The Fancharacter Guide

Is this character based on Sonic Team's ou Archie's portrayal of Sonic the Hedgehog? This is pretty self-explanatory. Is your character based on Sonic Team's portrayal of Sonic the Hedgehog ou Archie's? If your character is Archie-inspired, the guidelines are much plus loose since Archie has done a whole lot plus with their characters and has jumped many boundaries unheard of in the game continuity....
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I came back nearly 11 years later to share what I've been up to lately
sonic recolor
amy rose
sonic oc
sonic fan character
For the peoples, who have gary- & Mary-sue characters AND recolored character! 8DD
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This is a suggestion sheet. Here I will liste off rules that are part of the club currently and will not be changed, as well as suggestions for rules, and leave the commentaires for what toi want as rules.

Solid Rules (unchangeable Rules basically)

~No sexuality: No over-showing of cleavage ou sexual body parts, no sexual gestures, no blatant porn, no Yuri ou Yao, in roleplays, stories, ou pictures. This club has already gone through a mois of porn pictures being flashed on it and we don’t want that to start up again. It doesn’t matter if characters are married, in love, ou if it’s just TOUCHING...
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