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jayden091003 posted on Mar 03, 2013 at 07:26PM
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, released in 2002, 2003. So, this forum will tell you all about chao (read carefuly because there will be a few questions for this).

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

To me, the main game with the chao garden. But, there are other/new places in the game. Such as, the Hero Garden, the Dark Garden, and of course, the Chao Kindergarden. The Chao Kindergarden, the place to mainly take Chao to school. Also, there's a market, called the Black Market. You can buy items there. Here's a little prices of eggs and other items:

White: 400 rings ~ Shiny White: 4,000 rings
Yellow: 500 rings ~ Shiny Yellow: 5,000 rings
Red: 500 rings ~ Shiny Red: 5,000 rings
Green: 800 rings ~ Shiny Green: 8,000 rings
Brown: 800 rings ~ Shiny Brown: 8,000 rings
Grey: 1,000 rings ~ Shiny Grey: 10,000 rings
Black: 2,000 rings ~ Shiny Black: 20,000 rings (you'll need 140 emblems for this one)
Orange: 600 rings ~ Shiny Orange: 6,000 rings
Blue: 500 rings ~ Shiny Blue: 5,000 rings
Lime Green: 1,500 rings ~ Shiny Lime Green: 15,000
Pink: 600 rings ~ Shiny Pink: 6,000 ring
Sky Blue/Aqua: 600 rings ~ Shiny Sky Blue/Shiny Aqua: 6,000
Purple: 600 rings ~ Shiny Purple: 6,000 rings

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

As so, this game has completely changed, game released in 2002, and for some reason, the chao is supposed to have animal parts. That's something I don't like. There's no such thing as Chao Karate, but there's Chao Races, but they're different. Different races, different animals (well, some) and less amimals. After all, I don't actually know where all of the animals are.

Sonic Advance

A GBA game, released in 2002, and the Chao Garden isn't really called that. It's called the Tiny Chao Garden. Here's the prices of the eggs:

Normal: Free
Silver: 500 rings
Gold: 1,000 rings
Ruby: 5,000 rings
Sapphire: 7,000 rings
Amythyst: 8,000
Emerald: 10,000 rings
Garnet: 12,000 rings
Aquaremarine: 14,000 rings
Peridot: 16,000 rings
Topaz: 18,000 rings
Onyx (very unique): 20,000 rings


Chao can only be to the age of 5, when you take your chao to Kindergarden, it learns to do things, such as, playing drums, singing, dancing, and playing instroments. When you are nice to your Chao, it will reincarnate at the age of 5. If you're mean to your Chao, it will die, which goes into a grey cocoon and disappears forever.

That's all!

Hope enjoyed, hope useful! Have a pleasant day!

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