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posted by Dariafan
She walked slowly across the grass, her paws made a soft thudding sound. She needed time to think. Really think. A moon had passed since the attempt on her life. She had never forgiven him, not really. Yet, she did not think he had forgiven her either. She could remember it all clearly

"Come." a dit her brother Reed, whom she loved so much.
"Come where?" She asked puzzeled.
"To a special place."he answered sincerely.
"Ummm, okay."
Reed led her slowly under a arbre root.

"WOW." she a dit starring at the lake. "It's so beautiful."
"We are one of the only ones who know about this place, take a look." She...
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posted by Silvershine
This is just an example of what toi need :3

Okay, so I'm going to give a topic. Let's say the topic was...Thornstar gets revenge.

So what I would do, is think hard about the topic, and come to ideas. Then they would pop out onto the computer, where they would come alive :3

Thornstar's Revenge

A star-gazing blaireau crept among the forest floors, suppressing a low growl. He waited and waited for the animal that called for him. Suddenly a mottled dark gray cat tom with autumn green eyes came out, unsheathing claws that were as sharp and black as thorns.
"Good evening, my friend," the cat rasped, sitting...
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