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I Do Not Own This. A Funny FanDub Of Shugo. I did not make this i just watched it on YouTube. The Credit Goes to AegisHikaru Friends and for AegisHikaru. :3 Friends
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.:Amu's POV:.

"Okay. I'll spin the bottle." a dit Utau Hoshina. They were at a party, (of course) and Kukai was desperately trying to get someone drunk. So far, he only succeeded in passing out.

Rima suggested that they play '7 minutes in Heaven'; since Kukai's drinking contests were silenced.

Yaya was the fist to agree. Everyone was shocked par that, because she was usually such a baby, Then Tadase agreed, and I think I was shocked plus than everyone else. After that, everyone else agreed, except me.

"Well Amu, don't toi want to make out with me?" asked Ikuto, his signature smirk appearing.

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