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The fourth book of shugo chara encore came out around August, and it was also the final D: but some good news to those of whom who are amuto fans it turned out to be a amuto ending!!Now that i found this out i'm much less mad at the ending to the anime, so sorry for throwing a tempertantrum on my précédant article *3*.
Okay so now what the last book was about. As Nikaidou and Sanjou's wedding is ariving Ikuto desides to come back to Japon for the wedding. Amu desides to meet him at "their" amusement park. Amu is glad to finally see him but, is worried that she won't ever see him again. After...
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 Ikuto Tsukiyomi: Seven Seas Treasure
Ikuto Tsukiyomi: Seven Seas Treasure
I was just so touched at the meaning of Ikuto's character transformation, Seven Seas Treasure! Nyaa....! For those who don't know, I'll tell it to you:

Aruto Tsukiyomi (Ikuto's father)

Aruto Tsukiyomi, Ikuto's father, was Lost overseas.

Amu Hinamori is the treasure Ikuto has been searching for.

toi would mostly get touched if toi were an Amuto fan like me. But even if toi ship Tadamu ou other Amu/Ikuto related couples, toi could still get touched par Seven Seas Treasure's meaning.
 Seven Seas Treasure
Seven Seas Treasure
Episode 91
Full Throttle. My Rhythm.

Nagihiko is filling in for some players at a basketball, basket-ball game. Meanwhile, Amu and Yaya tell try to make Rima feel guilty about dumping Fuyuki Kirishima. During the game, Kukai comes in and blocks Nagihiko's dunk. Later at the Garden, Nagihiko and Kukai have an arm wrestling fight as Amu sees Nagihiko's egg move. Kukai barely wins. Later, Nagihiko asks Kukai his true motive for visiting and Kukai just says if Nagihiko has found an "answer" yet. Also, Easter has created a machine to help lure X Eggs without Ikuto's Death Rebel. Nagihiko, Amu, and Tadase then...
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I inhaled a deep breath and walked through the doors of my new school. New faces, new names, new surroundings. This is gonna be one long year. I glanced at my schedule, Room 12 first period.i walked slowly down a hall carrying my heavy binder. 10,11,12. I peered in a room filled with people standing up talking,hugging there was even a couple in the back making out.I walked in and sat down at an empty seat. "Okay class,please take your seats."I took out my pencil pouch and grabbed a pen, sneaking a peek at the egg that i found on my bureau two nights ago. It is or with a strange lacy design...
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