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1.He's NOT trying to become "the best" ou

2. He's sexist without being offensively sexist! i found some of his ignorant commentaires about women kind of funny and loved it when Temari saves him and he realizes "oh man women can be awesome!"

3. He helped a a person being bullied be befriended him, not all people would do that.

4. He has the coolest power, shadow possession jutsu!

5. He's unbelievably intelligent. Something the main character lacks ( not trying to diss Naruto though)

6. When he fought against Temari he could have won so easily, he had her on the ropes, and yet he let her win!...
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As Temari, Gaara, and kankuro traveldto the leaf village, Baki (their sensi) told about the mission they are on.
Temari POV
I couldn't help but wonder why Baki was going on the mission with us. When he a dit something about the nara clan, that lazy cul, ass Shikamaru Nara snapped into my mind. I could practicly see him. He looked different.Then realized he was not there. I wanted to get there so I wen't faster. I wanted to see him!
"Oi! Temari!"kankuro called. I looked back and they were about 25 yards behind....
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posted by Espeongirl360
1. Make a Sasuke fangirl squeel while he is sleeping.

2. Take an airlplaine and write "Naruto is a sexy god" in the clouds while Shikamaru Nara is watching them.

3. Shove him towards the sand village and say "go get her, Tiger."

4. .. ah what the heck. Put his hand in warm water :3

5. Tell his mother that Shikamaru Nara thinks she is a bad cook.

6. Laugh at him while his mother is yelling at him for what she 'thought' he said.

7. Pull on his earings and call him a woman.

8. Follow Shikamaru Nara everywhere asking him if toi can braid his hair.

9. When he finally says yes so toi will shut up, give him a mohawk instead....
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