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On one Saturday evening....
Moonlight the Hedgehog(LunaAcores94): ...... MY GOD!!!! WHY WONT toi TALK?!?
Brianna the Fox(Me): Like i a dit in Volume 1, I DONT WASTE MY BREATH!
Moonlight: O__O Wow! Your voice is REALLY pretty!
Brianna: Awww, thanks! i ONLY use my breath to sing!
Moonlight: SING! :D
Brianna: *Sings a P!nk song perfectly* ♪And i checked my place and placed my best, and hope i'll always win, and even if i dont love, because, i live a life of SIN!! Its alright, i dont give a damn, i dont play your rules i make my own, and tonight, i do what I want, 'cause i CAAAAAANNN!♪
Moonlight: Let...
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