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•Charles Albright: AKA "The Eyeball Killer"; convicted of murdering three prostitutes in Dallas, Texas; sentenced to life imprisonment in 1991
•Rodney James Alcala: AKA "the Dating Game Killer"; convicted rapist and serial killer
•Amy Archer-Gilligan: poisoned a husband and four of her nursing home's residents with arsenic ou strychnine in Windsor, Connecticut in the 1910s
•Benjamin Atkins: AKA the "Woodward Corridor Killer"; mission-oriented killer who raped and strangled eleven women in Detroit in 1991 and 1992
•Joe Ball: AKA "The Alligator Man"; killed at least 20 women in the early...
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posted by dakari
jour I journal entry par charlie:
have toi ever wanted to kill your worst enemy?I have,and heh will.why?I could go on with the I pyscho? I hate some people?yes.I am in prison right now for killing a innocent child but hell,I learned my lesson!right?!(mouth is foaming)charlie wiped his mouth and sighed and a dit quietly 'maybe I am crazy...'but one jour I want to stab the whole DAMNED world with knives!yes be afraid be VERY afraid.muhahahaha!all of my cell mates are gone,they took my knife,my best friend..they WILL pay!they are all going straight to hell!
posted by bathory_650
Over the years and the mystery surrounding the Bundy case, I have watched about 4 films alongside, the 7 livres I have read. One of the most populaire films was the made for, TV movie with Mark Harmon called Deliberate Stranger. It did have a lot of accuracy to the Bundy story, but left out the Debbie Kent abduction and his in court marriage. suivant on the movie liste was Bundy directed par Matthew Reiley who also did Freeway . It had an actor who portrayed Bundy very well, and even though it showed Bundy consummating their child in prison, it left out the in court wedding like the Mark Harmon movie....
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THEODORE: Based on the Life and Case Files of Serial Killer Ted Bundy. Sounds like it has been done before, doesn't it?

...well, never like this!

THEODORE is the whole package, it has everything! It's a Historical Biography, a Psychological Thriller, a Detective Murder/Mystery, a Courtroom Drama, a Human-Interest Piece, and a Tragic l’amour Story.

Jan. 23rd, 1989 - the Florida State Prison. Dr. JAMES DOBSON, 50s, sits down for the interview of his career with infamous serial killer TED BUNDY, 40s, hours before his scheduled execution.

THEODORE is MONSTER meets ZODIAC with a slice of FROST/NIXON. Formed...
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Most people consider spree crimes to be gun related. A loner, armed to the teeth with weapons and ammo taking out their rage on everyone and anyone unlucky enough to traverser, croix their paths on that particular bad day. While this is true in some spree killing cases, the how, when, where and why can differ greatly in the majority of these types of crime.
This book covers a wide range of spree cimes. Bombings, train derailments, arson attacks and stabbings, plus people who used vehicles to get the job done included crashing airliners and driving cars and trucks into crowded places. The perpetrators of...
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