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posted by shahbano-1
 Happy birthday sis <3
Happy birthday sis <3
salut sis *happy belated birthday* i am sorry i am wishing toi so late but late is better then never :)
sis i really wish may Allah gives toi all toi want may all your dreams.your desires come true and may toi get all the happiness in the world i really want to see toi happy and content :)
i miss toi sis i really miss the old times i really miss the gossip we both used to do i miss everything about us. and i really hope sis your doing fine and some jour we will talk just like old times but sis no matter what happens i will always l’amour toi <33 toi will always be my sister :)
 l’amour ya <3
love ya <3
Dearest seha
I am not so good in écriture articles but here i's been so long we are Friends right? like one year.
and i am really grateful to god that i met you.
today is your birthday,well our birthday and whats better if toi share your birthday with someone toi l’amour so much.
i just wish toi avery very very very Happy birthday and may all your dreams come true.may toi get all happiness in life seha.

and be with me forever <33333333


Once again
нαρρу вιятн∂αу
 toi and i
you and i
 To My Dear Sis
To My Dear Sis
Really It seems like Yesterday
when I created account on here last an on 4th april
and before your B'day we were bff's and sisters just like we are today.. ♥♥

Really we have a natural bond,
that we really are like really sisters,
we are never formal with each other,
we can share almost everything...

I wish we were in real so that i could hug toi and give toi the most precious gift but unfortunately I cant.

On This Most Special jour Of Your Life I Wish toi and Pray For Your Bright Future..♥♥
May All Your Wishes Come True..

Another candle on your cake
Well there's no need to pout
Be glad that toi have strength enough
To blow them all out!

May This an Brings Countless Happiness For toi And Your Family♥♥

Keep In Your cœur, coeur , I l’amour toi Forever ♥♥
posted by sehrish8

In this meaningful world do something meaning less.

Like, a candle burns itself to give light to others.
A friend is that candle for u, Ur frnd cares for u. he/she pulls u up when u r down.
Frnds will cry if ur sad, Friends will fight with u for no reason. but they will fight for u with anyone
if it makes u happy. Frnds will make u laugh like hell but they think u deserve heaven.
Frnds will motivate us when we are ready giving up.
Frnds r with us when all is well and we want someone with whom we can share our life's
pleasent and memorable moments.we often want them around us cuz life...
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posted by emmashields

I want to tell toi how important toi are to me ,though toi already know it MDR :P

sis toi remember how we became sisters in our first meeting.We never had disagreement on any topic ( touch wood :P ) MDR ,
may be It is because we both are just awesome ,fantastic and amazing :D MDR but seriouly we think same,we feel the same.we have so many similarities :) ♥

you know sis that I shared everything with you,♥

you are my biggest support,biggest shoulder of mine ♥

you remember sis once I had some issues and I told u about them and I was very sad then toi took me up,and when I told...
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 for ya
for ya
well form where should i start u know what sis i always think of as my real sister i know we r not sisters par blood but we r sisters par soul.u were the first i shared my feelings with i know that u will never ever judge me u accepted me fro who i am i i never felt any hesitation talking about anything with ya u always made me feel comfortable u always made me feel special.sis u r so kind whenever i need someone to talk to u were always there never get bored of my sharing u always encouraged me n supported me.together we had lots of fun MDR remember sis how we make fun of others whenever we...
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posted by roxstar225
this is my first article n m nt very sure how to make it coz this is my first attempt....hope u all understand if there's nythn wrong..♥♥ *** ^----^
here goes my BFF'S names:-
1.Nicky23:-My sweetest l’amour hr...a lot..i ddnt knew tht we wil bcome such gd frnds..i mean plus thn a Best frnd....♥♥ her aaa lot..~~~
2.Sehrish8:-my AWSSSWWMEST frnd....we both make a gr8 tyms together...we share many thngs..n i dnt wana lose hr in my LYf...c may live far away 4m me bt i still feel cz near me always..♥ u,,,dr
3.Dinu12:-we ddnt talk fo a long still..we r gr8 frndx...♥♥~~~**...
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posted by sehrish8
* we l’amour when u cuddle with us.
* a Kiss on the cheek is a definite yes.
* we want u to put ur arm around us at the movies.
* we don't always look our best so get over it.
* we shouldn't have to plan everything.
* we r always ready to talk so call us.
* were not perfect so deal with it.
* we l’amour surprises.
* the little things u do mean the most remember it.
* we r not always girly girls.
* we can like boys stuff too.
* don't be mean to us to get our attention.
* don't tell us who is hot b'cuz we don't care.
* hug us plus tighter it feel good sometimes.
* always remember our favori colour.
* talk us about our hairs we like it.
* montrer how protective u r for us.
* tell us "i miss u" ou "i l’amour u" its feels gr8 to hear.
* give us the sweetest nick name.
* smile as u see us we can die for that smile.
* when u r with us so just be with us totally.
* hold our hand in crowd.