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posted by silverstruelove
Me: Scourge what are toi doing?!
Scourge: nothing babe i just want a little fun ( slides hands from my waist to my hip)
My name is Magic. Im 13 years old and i almost became a victim to scourge. Like the other middle school kids, i walk to and from school. Like the other girls, i was in l’amour with my boyfriend. Silver and me became a couple barely a mois ago, and he has already a dit that he loves me. I was walking home, so i could tell my mom, amy, about what he said. I was chant a song. That was my greatest downfall. I was sing he could be the one par miley cyrus/hanna Montana . I heard someone...
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shadow shakes his head and sighs great,im just tryng to sleep and now I have to help those jerkes! he goes down the apertement stairs armed with pistolets when he gets thare tails doll almost kiled scourage! shadow sees tails doll thow scourage up to the arbre and then fiona giving scorage C.P.R. fainly after a long time shodow yells FIONA I l’amour toi fiona stares at him then scorage wakes up and he says WHAT?! shadow says im gust kidding I gust wanted to wake toi up scourage tails doll loses most of its power to that joke so it just fell down and died so shadow went accueil and fell down on the lit he was out cold so fiona and scourage kissed on the lips come back in the suivant chapeter, shadows ipad!
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posted by Havanahedgehog
Massie:*gets a coca and sits down on the sofa suivant 2 scourge*Hrs ur coca scourge
Scourge:thnx babe*takes a sip and touches massies leg*
Massie:stop it *slaps scourges hand*
Scourge:*grabs massies leg*as u wish Queen monique
Massie:*rolls eyes*
Scourge:*kisses her*damn baby ur body is soo sexy
Massie:y have u becoming a perv??
Scourge:idk but since wr married.......*licks her waist*i can do anything 2 u
Massie:ok ok ok just 4.....
Scourge:a few hours *turns off tv and takes her 2 his and massies room*
Massie:*gets on haut, retour au début of scourge*dam boy
Scourge:*strokes her hair*lmao dam gurll
>>>>>>2 HOUWUHS L8TR<<<<<
Massie:my hair is messed up
Scourge:uh babe u look pale r u ok??
Massie:yea im ok i just need to......*runs 2 the bathroom*
Scourge:uh oh
Massie:*comes out of bathroom 5 mins l8tr*baby i have somethin to say
Scourge:wat is it????
Massie:im pregnat
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Keep in mind that I wrote this knowing I would probably get flaged; I would probably get some flame mail, and get blasted; I would probably gte a couple fans and a lot of people are going to hate me for this, but toi know what? To those people who are going to give me negative output, go suck a dick, avaler, hirondelle a few loads of semen, let your cœur, coeur rate go down and go ask your doctor before saying something negative because I'm really pissed right now, and am not in a good mood whatsoever. That being said, here's what I have to say; read it and weep:

I got a tip from a friend that he/she (because...
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Source: all credits go to the auteur of this pic
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i first saw scourge when me and my best friend were at the local bar blowing off our homewrok. i dont like bars since i was 12 years old. my friend midnight was 12. and she had a boyfriend already. as for me being a cute girl who can kick a$$, the only people who liked me were lolicons, and pervs. even fang the sniper tried to get me to l’amour him. but i a dit no way.okay lets get to the REAL story:

i hadnt been in the bar for 3 seconds, and everyguy is staring at me, i have no idea why, but then i see what there eyes see. i hide my chest and glare at all of them. one guy actually touches my shoulder...
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 This is kinda what he made me do.
This is kinda what he made me do.

Scourge smiled at me lustfully, as if he wanted more. Scourge planted kisses all over my face and a groan escapes my lips. Scourge smirked evilly and began forming sex plans in his mind. His kisses trailed down to my neck, where he nibbled it slightly. My body arched back in pleasure and Scourge kissed my lips once again. He slowly licked my neck as if it was a lollipop. I had NO words to express what we were feeling then. Pleasure maybe? Scourge smiled willingly at me and slowly...
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