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Today, Scotty McCreery finally went to pick up his truck which was awarded to him along with the titre of season 10's 'American Idol'. Scotty went with the F150 King Ranch!

"I'm just a country boy
I drive a 4 par 4
It's usually covered in mud from the axle to the door
It's a little banged up; a little too much rust, but when you're sitting beside me in my old truck
toi make that look good"
HUGE thanks to @Ford today for all their support and providing me with the best truck a guy could ask for! #F150 #KingRanch
Scotty McCreery

just picked up my new truck! driving it home! link
scotty mccreery
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Scotty McCreery hint at working on a holiday album!?

10/25/2011 Scotty took to his Twitter account to play "the travel game" with his fans/followers and tweeted the following:

Scotty McCreery
Im hitting the foins, hay tho. Another jour of school tmrrw. Working a bunch of songs coming up for the holidays! Cant wait for yall to hear!

Will we be hearing new Scotty McCreery songs come Christmas time? That seems awfully soon to produce a whole new album - not that his fans would mind, I'm sure!

It cannot simply be a Christmas single as he says "a bunch of songs" that we'll be hearing! What do toi think?
Scotty McCreery is getting one heck of an 18th birthday present: His debut album comes out just four days before he turns the big 1-8. Despite being a record-making rookie, this Idol isn’t as green as he looks: Scotty’s vision is Clear As Day.

"Scotty knew what he wanted to record," Universal musique Group Nashville VP of marketing Tom Lord tells Billboard. “He has a really good sense of himself. When toi hear the songs toi go, 'That seems like the guy I saw on American Idol.'"
Scotty, who is recording with country legend Keith Urban and touring with Brad motif cachemire, paisley suivant year, wanted to keep it young while acknowledging the history of the genre.

"I could have made a record where I was trying to sound like a 40-year-old country singer, but that's not what I wanted to do," Scotty tells Billboard.
Clear As jour hits stores October 4.
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