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posted by KawaiiFanGirL15
AN: I've never been a big fan of angst but i decided to give it a shot. This fic, although simply fiction, means a lot to me. The topic i decided to cover was a cruel reality that unfortuneatly exists. So i hope nobody takes this the wrong way. Based on the song "Love the way toi lie" par Eminem and Rihanna. I can't believe my first Sasunaru fic turned out like this T_T

Disclaimer: I own Nothing

Warning: yaoi (boyxboy), Violence, short sexual scene. Read at own risk.


The first time was the worst one. It left me broken, scared, and confused. The...
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posted by enRei

A SasuNaru Fanfiction story

written par enslavedRei

A/N Just a little heads up; this fic is AU and Sasuke may be a little OOC (same things goes for Naruto). Also, I am not completely sure how the schooling system goes in Japon ou anywhere else besides my country, so I'm probably gonna make some things up. Hmmm, that would be all, I think. Now, please read on…

- PB -

DISCLAIMER: Naruto is a A/M series that par law, and this is some proven shit, belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Even if I want a piece of it, I would have to get in line. Which is a bugger, so I'll just keep borrowing him.

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After they had finished their ramen they went up to Sasukes room and watched tv. Naruto sat on the floor. He was worried that if he sat on the lit he would give Sasuke the wrong idea. Well after a few episodes and sodas, Naruto had lightened up and got up to sit on the bed. as they sat Sasuke put his hand on Narutos. They sat like this for a few minutes before sasuke couldn't take it anymore and got up ontop of narutos lap and pushed him back onto the bed. Naruto tensed up. he wasn't ready for anything to sexual. He began to regret sitting on the bed. Sasuke kissed him and things just seemed...
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.......... = NEW SCENE
(....) = THOUGHTS

Naruto begins to open his eyes very slowly. He sees a figure above him, very faintly. but the figure has no face. it's covered par a mask. "wh-who are you?" he asks with a faint voice.... the masked figure doesn't respond. "wh-who are you?" he asks again. the masked figure stands above him, quiet. "mh! my head!" Naruto slowly begins to go unconsious again. the masked figure kneels down infront of him before he feels his body being lifted. "who are you?" He feels a light breeze on his face before he passes out again.
The suivant time he wakes...
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sorry for taking so long we were deciding on a name for the monster under my bed. last time Kakashi had a mission for his ninja trainee's.

Naruto opened the scroll snuggling in sasuke's arms laying on sasuke's bed. he shot right up and gasped. They werent on a mission dear Kakashi gave them a trip to a couples spa for them afteer what had happened. to their sadness Kakashi and Iruka were going along as well. Sasuke laughed knowing that Iruka and Kakashi liked each other but they were both to shy to say anything tot he other. Naruto just smiles and hugs sasuke tight. "Can toi believe it!?! Kakashi...
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