Sasuke (the man candy) Why do toi (the fan girls) like him?

kk99aa posted on Oct 01, 2009 at 06:55PM
I wanna know. why? im a curious Muffin XD

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il y a plus d’un an sasuhia4ever said…
well words can't describe it....i liked him from the second i saw him, before i knew his name. i hate that masashi made him and naruto kiss i hate sasunaru and sakusasu it is so stupid!!!! he's not gay!!!!! and sakura would probably beat on him like she does to naruto even though she knows how he feels about her, but anyways...all these girls say there #1 sasuke fans but i don't believe them. a real #1 fan would love him from the first second they saw him, can't even hate him for a second. hates the whole sasunaru couple (cuz then he'd be gay and real fan girls absolutely hate that!) save every hot pic or any pic of him. can't stand the sasuke hater forums. they don't let anyone talk shit on him. can't pass up anything online or in stores with his perfect, flawless face on it! absolutly love him to death....i only surport sasuhina cuz i'm hinata and i am totally in love with sasuke (but i know that couple will never work out) also they hate when sakura and karin get all up on him.....uuuugggg they make me so **************** (srry can't say)
il y a plus d’un an kk99aa said…
big smile
i know but i like sakusasu only cuz they look cute together :3
il y a plus d’un an kitiana said…

I agree¡¡¡
 I agree¡¡¡
il y a plus d’un an Shamuto-Kaatsu said…
big smile
Oh yeah! I love sasusaku itx da best couple evaa!
but....i hecking dont like sasuke...he is so emo! i myn...even if m a gal.....i dont lyk sasuke at all...naruto and deidara is da bst ppl
il y a plus d’un an ssolanki said…
yes!i lkie sasuke when i saw first episode of naruto but i don,t like his dressing in shippuden why kisihimoto made him to dress like this in shippuden.
he is so cool in 1 series and also so cute but i also like him in shippuden b,coz ha is more powerfull ,smart,h.. and s...
 yes!i lkie sasuke when i saw first episode of Naruto but i don,t like his dressing in shippuden why k