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Ok i have this friend who is 10 years old and he looks like a mini ross lynch and he acts like is character austin on the show. He is so nice and fun y and he is the best guy friend a girl could ask for! Also the whole cast re,ind me of people i know trish-my sister she is loud and bossy and is mean to my guy-friends bff
Dez- is a kid i know and me ally i l’amour écriture song but i'm super shy and i hope to over co e my fear like ally.#go3?
I hope o e jour one of my songs can be sung par someone famous! Would toi guys mind if i post a sample song and llz if toi can commentaire about the song
At least we're together
Walls-closing- everything spinning round---
Lights-flashing-did toi hear that sound---

(Slow and powerful)
Don't know whats going on
Windows cracked
Somethings wrong

We're trapped in another dement-ion
Everything falling apart
At least we're together
At least we're together

Doors locked
Phones dead...

I'm still working on so bye now!
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posted by mercycoleman
i first fell in l’amour with ross i when i seen him sing and dance i wanted to be like him i l’amour to sing he helps me think more. i l’amour him on austin and ally and mags. it would be awesome to see him in person he i the hottest guy ever . i l’amour is band R5 and movie teen plage movie it is soooooooo awesome. i would be the happest person n the world and i know when is birthday is i know is middle name i know almost everthing about him no one is plus kind , fun , funny guy i know. if iget a boy his name is going to be any of the boys rocky, ross, riker , ryland ,ratliff , brady . and if girl rydel , ally , laura,maia , mack
Ally:Come on Austin we need to write a song!
Austin:Ok Ally, as long as it's not about love. Ummm
Ally:Uh yeah love....
Aquard silence *Auslly blushing like crazy*

Trish: GUYS stop staring at each other. It's been 5 Mins!
Ally: Yeah let's right that song!
Austin:Ok fine.
Ally: *Shuts practice room door*
Austin: Can we still write a l’amour song. I'm kinda in the mood.
*Austin thinking I like her*
Ally:*Likes austin*
Ally: Shore, how about this?
I'm blushing like crazy and feeling so dizzy like I'm Hypnitized !
"Corous "
I wanna Kiss u! I wanna l’amour u! I hope u feel like your in the mood too!
Ally:Well that's part one. Like it?
Austin: Yes and will toi rendez-vous amoureux, date me?
Ally: of course! *kiss for 10 secs* Trish and Dez see To be continued....
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