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 Drew Brown
Drew Brown
Recap-After Domo(You)and Roc got FREAKY DEAKY on us(Iamoo)y'all took all asses to sleep........smh(nastee asses)

Next Day......
Roc:Hey Wake up*waking u up*Domo Babiee
Domo:30 plus hours plz*puts oreiller over face*
Roc:*jumps on u*
Domo:*jumps up*oww!!!!!!!!!!!boii why u do dat
Roc:bcoz it's time to wake up and get readii 4 ur concert
Domo:Roc Royal
Domo:u know what
Domo:i a dit the concert ddnt start till like 7:00 till 8:30 nigga
Roc:but ur outfits and sht
Domo:if i get up will u get out and close the door
Roc:*smirks*okaii*gets up&leaves room*
Domo:juss 2 easy*falls back 2 sleep*
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 Roc's outfit
Roc's outfit
the story doesn't really really have this much characters nobody is in the story there just some fake name and ages and this shows how true l’amour gets bad&comes back with loving......hope u'll enjoy it:)!

Roc Royal:16
Dominique:15(you a.k.a Domo)

In living room watching t.v

Domo:Rocy can we watch 4 better ou worse*grabs remote control 4rm his lap*
Roc:umm...hell tf no*snatches remote 4rm her hand*
Domo:ow!!! nigga u scratched my finger with ur long cul, ass nails
Roc:Lamoo sorry
Domo:stop being rough like dat
Roc:okaii u rough anyway*cuts on t.v 216&prego are u fucking kidding me lol*
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Damn roc was bout to knock him out, At the end roc a dit damn
Mindless Behavior
roc royal
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If toi was dating Prodigy from mindless behavior and toi was making out with ROC royal and prodigy cought y'all wat would toi do if prodigy a dit toi had to pick ROC royal and toi picked......

Then Princeton came and a dit pick him then rayon, ray rayon, ray came in front of toi and kissed toi and a dit no pick him would toi be faithful and stay with prodigy ou switch it up and pick........

Find out the rest on my blog www.keep it real for ever.
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aww pour baby :(
roc royal
Mindless Behavior
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It was June, Jazmine was 6 months prego.
One morning.......
Roxanne: Finally! Its summer
Jazmine: I cant wait 4 this thing 2 get out of here!
Roc: Dont be like that.
Jazmine: If it was a girl, its name will be Mikayla.
Roc: If it was a boy, it will be a jr.
Roxanne: For the girl, I perfer Maria.
Prince: I agree with Roc.
Alley: I want it 2 be triplets.
Roc: NO!!!!!
Jazmine: Anyway, Im throwing a baby-shower.
Roxanne: Is that appropiate?
Kenzie: I don't think so....
Jazmine: Shut up! Rox, you'll invite the guests
Roxanne: K.
Jazmine: Kenzie, toi pick the place 2 have it.
Kenzie: No problemo
Jazmine: Alley, you...
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