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one jour I went to a mindless behavior concert
and I really really really wanted to talk to my band crush roc royal so I was super suprised when he asked me to come on stage gave me a back stage pass I got off stage and in my head I a dit SQEEEEEEE.So after the concert I went back stage their was a black door with'm 2 gards I showed them my back stage pass they did not belivme so L knocked on the door Princeton
awnsered it I a dit um I am here to see roc rolay he a dit roc it's for toi so he came to the door hi I a dit hi he a dit then he a dit
let's go outside so then he took my hand and took me behind the building we were in so we talked for a bit then he lwanted in and so did I and he kissed me sqeeeeeeeeeeeee. cognac, brandy Renee Thomas
this is the first imagine I've ever written so I know it sucks so please don't judge me. I hope toi like it

you are walking when toi see your bestfriend Princeton walking ahead of you.

you:Yo Prince wait up

prince: salut boo what's up

you secretly blush because toi know deep down inside toi have feelings for Prince but don't want to admit it

you: umm what are toi doing later on today

prince: nothing

you: perfect why don't toi come help me pick out a dress for a party I'm going to

prince: alright

1 heure Later

you: alright what toi think about this

prince: umm it's alright

you: what toi mean alright do I look...
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Chapter : " He Like's Me ... No They Like Me "


1 Week Later ...

TassyPooh's POV ,

Me and Roc are talking on the phone right now , he keeps on asking me to come to this fancy dîner with the boys , but I'm kinda scared because of what I did to that girl and they got mad at me , I know Roc isn't mad , but I don't know if the boy's are still mad at me . Well I hope they aren't I smiled . " Pooh , so will toi come , ? " Roc begged , " I don't know Rocky , are they mad at me , ? " I asked , " Tassy , I keep telling toi NO ! , they even want toi to come...
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Enjoy ! , ♥

10:00 PM

@ Mindless Behavior's House

Prod's POV ,

The boys and I are making sure that Roc calls Tassy , were not making him do anything until he calls her , were not even making him eat . Yeah were kinda horrible . We really want Roc to have a relationship with someone that he really likes and a girl that likes him . Usually all the girls that go out with Roc take his money ou some shit like that , every girl we go out with just uses us . It's unfair , we all want to find a girl that really loves us for who we are & not to just take our money. " I'm starving , ! " Roc yelled ,...
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