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I think he is very easy to admire!

He is a young king with so much responsibility and I think he handles it very well! Much much better than I ever would myself! ;)

He is also loyal and nice to most people and he respect his people when he is king... unlike joffrey xD

I think pretty much everyone will disagree with the suivant thing I'm going to say!

Which is that I actually really admire and see him as Rebelle when he decided to marry Talisa even if it was somehow stupid and selfish! Because he wants to fight for what he believes in and he is willing to do everything to marry the one he loves!

And then he apologies for his betrayal to Walder and it actually seems to go well... but of course because Walder is such a sick lying cunt it doesn't go well!

If Walder Frey was somewhat a proper person he would definitely learn to forgive... especially because he a dit it was all okay if only Edmure married one of his daughters!