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posted by spyrofansxc
ok where to start, images is a good place to begin. Why is there renamon porn, i know that its not all but still y. thier are some sick people hear. Ad im not saying that Im innosent. iv see some a good chonk of renamon porn,to tell u the true but that was when i was like judge all u like I dont care really its not like u havnt got curiousbefore, but what doesnt make my wierd is i dont draw wierd pictures of renamon like a maid ou what ever. see what im trying to. Im what im say is thier to much porn of renamon and try drawing soming not sexul about her, it not hard. Id do it but i suck at drawing digimon. I like to try a dragon, ou a ninja. when i wish to draw i need to be inspierd and take drawing classes. i remeber looking up some flash games yesterday and i had seen these one about renamon and a horse and the only thing im going to say is that is was sexul , not normal, and who ever thought of it and put it on the internet needs to go to a therapist and thats all im saying