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it is nice from ramos to remember the leader , the legend and the cœur, coeur of Real madrid, raul gonzales
and par this, ramos proved that he is the official heir for raul in his way of celebrating yesterday after the end of the match .
after 18 years of waiting , Saint iker Casillas managed to lift the cup of COPA DEL REY!!! , infront of thousands of real madrid's fans , but the most precious moment was when ramos did Raul's dance to tell the people that Raul is still in our hearts and in every cœur, coeur of the Real Madrid's players we will never forget the king , and we really missed him in this glory .
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 Karanka talking to the press
Karanka talking to the press
Assistant coach Aitor Karanka talked to the press about their match with Sporting Gijon.

"These players deserve to be champions because of their hard work and the adversity they are overcoming. We cannot fail against Sporting. It will be a very important match with a lot at stake for us. Taking three points will be vital."

"They defeated us at the Bernabeu last season and they are a dangerous opponent. A draw will not be enough for them because they need three points to avoid relegation. They will go all out for the match and that will make them dangerous. The match is of paramount importance...
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